Say no to Rhode Island Sara

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the Maine Democratic Party for helping me decide who to vote for in the U.S. Senate race. While I had not made up my mind, the Maine senatorial candidate information sheet has helped me to decide. From the commercials I have been hearing from Rhode Island Sara, I have been trying to look at how these dark money groups have been transferring the funds for Gideon’s commercials into Maine. I found it is by way of Sen. Schumer from New York City and other outside power-hungry groups.

I am a former law enforcement officer who had to sort out information before making an arrest. “Honest” Schumer, Gideon’s sponsor, has always supported anti-gun laws, but is reported to have a concealed carry permit in New York. Schumer, whose whole life has revolved around money from politics, has never thought he is to be held to the same standards as us regular people. Schumer the other day said he would change laws to make things more favorable to him. His exact words were “I did not bust my chops to get this done not to get what we want.”

What is Schumer’s interest in defeating Collins, who at times has sided with Sen. Schumer’s members? I guess that sometimes is not enough and he will demand Rhode Island Sara’s blind “yes” vote.

From the flyer I received today from the Maine Democratic Party, I would think Rhode Island Gideon has dropped out. The flyer gives candidate information for Maine Senate Race. It only has two names listed, Max Linn and Susan Collins. Is this a mistake or are they afraid to show Gideon’s record? It says for more information look at websites for Linn and Collins. Again, no Gideon.

Frank Janusz


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