Salmon farm stand encouraging

Dear Editor:

I’m pleased to see the article “Salmon farm sparks opposition” [Feb. 4], which notes the pollution it could bring to Frenchman Bay, and I urge local towns to weigh in on the proposal through referendums. Many will remember the tannery that opened in the 1950s, dumping its waste into the Kilkenny Stream leading into Frenchman Bay. Flounder that had been plentiful in this estuary disappeared and haven’t returned. It took 50 years after the tannery’s closing for EPA-sponsored cleanup to begin. An American article in October 2018 quotes EPA coordinator Tom Hatzopoulos as saying, “What remained were remnants from the leather tanning process. That included chromium and other hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and arsenic.” Others may remember that in 1969 the town of Trenton voted to reject a proposed nuclear power plant and aluminum refinery on the shore of Mount Desert Narrows. The people had been promised jobs and tax exemption in perpetuity.

It’s a familiar pattern: Lure people with the prospect of jobs and they’ll accept almost anything. Fortunately, more and more people are growing concerned about our fragile environment and taking responsibility for its care.

Martha D. Trowbridge

New York, N.Y.

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