Roots of GOP racism run deep

Dear Editor:

Instead of wringing our hands at the GOP debacle and sinking into appalled incredulity, let’s instead consider the roots of the bigotry now on display by the despicable Trump and the loathsome Cruz.

In 1980, Reagan announced his candidacy for president in a white supremacist spot in Mississippi. Bush the elder needed racist ads to beat Dukakis in 1988. Bush Jr.’s people ran ads in South Carolina claiming McCain had an illegitimate black child. He had adopted a child from Bangladesh.

Sens. Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were proudly racist. In several states, the GOP has worked to suppress the black vote. The strategies of Trump and Cruz did not spring up in 2015. They had a very long gestation period.

At least Reagan’s supporters did not assault black protesters on national TV.

Peg Cruikshank



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