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Dear Editor:

Very soon, we here in Maine Senate District 7 can cast our votes for Nicole Grohoski in the June 14 special election. Nicole’s Maine roots, education, experience and outlook all inform her work for us. Count us as lucky. And count me in. As an older Mainer, I am pleased to have our next generation ready to lead in serving us all.

Nicole’s commitment to community service informs her support for affordable health care and housing, as well as academic and technical education. Her knowledge of small businesses informs her support for fiscal responsibility, tax fairness, job creation and training. And her education in environmental science and understanding of how Maine’s ecology and economy go hand in hand all inform Nicole’s practical approach to protecting our natural resources through such initiatives as local clean energy efficiency and waste management.

During her terms as state representative, Nicole has served on the Committee on Energy Utilities and Technology, where she has been primary sponsor of several pieces of legislation passed into law — including more options for electric service customers, improved municipal recycling to save taxpayer money and net neutrality. Nicole is recognized as one of our most knowledgeable legislators on utilities and broadband. She has demonstrated leadership and team building to promote the innovation needed to best serve Mainers, preserve Maine’s heritage industries and grow Maine’s future. Nicole has served us well in the State House and will be a fine senator — when enough of us vote her in.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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