Putting the voters first

Dear Editor:

It seems that with each election it gets harder to figure out whether a candidate will really represent our interests in Augusta. Often we, citizens, are left in the dark, getting only scant information about issues. Maine media seems to be showing some signs of life, however, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. All too often media reporting is limited. The questions we really want answered either are not asked or the answer doesn’t address the question. So how can we figure out if the Governor or legislature just picked our pockets or put a policy in place that will move us backward?

It is a responsibility of a legislator to educate his or her constituency on the details. It’s not enough for legislators to go to their party caucus meetings only to vote the party line. Voters need information before votes are taken, not after a legislative session has ended and not only by way of a newsletter.

The first commandment for a legislator is to respond to a constituent’s phone call or letter. Legislators should hold regular town meetings with their constituents educating voters on legislative bills and policies that will affect their household, town and region. Equally, voters need to do their homework staying engaged and informed.

John Wombacher, who is running to represent House District 130, and Dotty Caldwell, who is running for House District 131, are committed to put us, the voters, as a working partner in creating a new future for Maine. I hope you will give them your vote on Nov. 8.

Sue Davis


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