Protect the Arctic Refuge

Dear Editor:

If there’s one great thing about Maine, it’s the nature. Hiking, kayaking, camping, bird watching — all these things are worth doing because of this state’s amazing outdoor spaces. This country’s natural lands and wildlife are worth protecting, and Mainers really get that.

But there’s one wild place in desperate need of our protection now — the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The refuge is an incredible place. Millions of migratory birds and thousands of caribou migrate to the site every year, and endangered polar bears also depend on the coastal plains that provide their habitat. All together, the refuge is home to over 200 different species.

For decades now, it’s been illegal for oil companies to drill there; this changed in 2017, when Congress allowed a lease sale for drilling in the refuge.

Luckily, the Biden administration has put a halt to these plans, but it’s only temporary. It is so important to ensure that the Arctic Refuge is protected permanently, or else we will devastate the ecosystem that so many species rely upon for survival. We need our decision-makers in Washington to protect the Arctic!

Erin Skibbens


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