Protect Medicare Advantage

Dear Editor:

It has never been more important to have good health insurance — especially for the senior community. COVID-19 remains a major threat, and with health concerns increasing with age, affordable and stable health insurance is an important lifeline. I hope members of Congress continue to keep this in mind as important health-care decisions come across their desks. I encourage Maine’s delegation, particularly Sens. King and Collins, to protect Medicare Advantage.

I am one of 27 million Americans that chooses Medicare Advantage, and like most, I could not be happier with my coverage. One of the cornerstones of Medicare Advantage coverage is to keep seniors and those with disabilities healthy. And their offerings to do so continue to improve. Right now, Medicare Advantage goes above and beyond to offer us health screenings, exercise classes, transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, integrated hearing, vision and dental services and more.

Having all of these benefits under one umbrella makes it more convenient for us to focus on preventative care, which goes a long way to keep us from becoming ill and needing intensive medical care. Ultimately, it saves us and taxpayers money.

As a state with a pretty large senior community, our lawmakers should understand the value of Medicare Advantage. And since a large portion of their constituency depends upon this coverage, I hope our congressional officials will continue to be champions of Medicare Advantage.

Diane Roberts


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