More pressing issues than the tales of Trump

Dear Editor:

I will turn 80 next March. Most men in my ancestry don’t make it past 85, but that doesn’t concern me. Given the problems confronting the world, I expect to be one of the more fortunate ones. There are 7.2 billion people now in the world, and that is expected to increase to 9.6 billion by 2050. That density of population will affect all of life: climate change, water supply, pollution of various sorts, deforestation, availability of adequate food, inadequate housing, carbon footprint, availability of work for everyone. These concerns are right around the corner, but I won’t live long enough to confront them. As stated above, I consider myself fortunate.

What is being done about these concerns? The daily news suggests nothing is being done, considering the urgency of these problems. Instead, we have the latest hogwash from Mr. Trump and the insane positions of most of his fellow candidates. Some of them still deny there is an ecological disaster coming our way. The Republican Party is still concerned with personal greed and policies favoring rich people. The Democrats aren’t much better except for Sen. Sanders. We must deal with these issues; confronting “The Donald’s” hairdo won’t help at all.

It might help if the media stopped publicizing the political circus; that will never happen.

John C. VanPelt, MD


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