Pre-K offers enormous benefits

Dear Editor:

As Hancock County sheriff, I want to congratulate the town of Sedgwick for approving a plan to start public pre-kindergarten beginning this coming fall. Reaching our kids at this early stage in their lives has benefits not only throughout the education pipeline, but even helps to reduce and prevent crime down the road. These programs offer great benefits for our kids, and great benefits for our communities.

Numerous studies have shown that students who participate in high-quality, Pre-K education programs are more likely to stay in school, graduate from high school, and go on to be productive members of their communities. Kids who start early in these important programs, especially our at-risk youth, are less likely to turn to a life of crime, and this benefits us all.

The skills our youngsters learn in these critical pre-K programs lay a solid foundation not only for their future academic development, but they also improve their development in many other key areas, such as their cognitive, social and emotional development. Kids are therefore less likely to see crime as their only option later in life.

Offering high-quality public pre-K is not just about giving our kids the best start in life, which they deserve, but it benefits our communities and society as a whole. The lifelong benefits are enormous in many ways, and I commend Sedgwick for their forward-thinking. I hope our surrounding towns follow Sedgwick’s lead and institute public pre-K programs in their communities, as well.

Scott Kane

Hancock County Sheriff

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