Power to the people

Dear Editor:

Rep. Nicole Grohoski’s commentary in last week’s EA is right-on. Based on my own personal experience of being a 10-plus-year member of the Jackson Electric Membership (JMC) Co-op, I can attest to the quality service, economy and dependability of a not-for-profit, membership-owned electric co-op.

JMC is based in Jefferson, Ga., and was founded in 1938 to serve rural towns in Georgia that did not receive municipality-supplied electricity. It is the largest nonprofit, membership-owned co-op in the state of Georgia.

I moved from Lawrenceville, Ga., to Maine in October 2003. Every few years I receive a dividend check from JMC in the mail! When I called to question “why” I was still receiving a check, I was told: “As a former owner/member-user, JMC will continue to send you a dividend check for life.” Confirmation to me that it is truly a nonprofit.

Has anyone around here recently had a pleasant experience with your for-profit/shareholder-minded power company? Probably not! You might want to research LD 1708 and consider supporting it. From my experience, you’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Serena R. Smith


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