Postal pain

Dear Editor:

I have done business with several fine businesses in the Southwest Harbor area for many years. When I receive a bill for services rendered, medications, hardware, etc., I immediately copy the address from the letterhead onto an envelope and mail off my check. No problem, until recently. I have now had two of my envelopes, addressed to long-established businesses (one within a stone’s throw of the Southwest Harbor post office), returned to me with an ugly yellow sticker proclaiming: “Unable to deliver, no mail receptacle, unable to forward.”

It seems that suddenly, although “neither rain nor snow…” may stop the mail, the lack of the holy post office box number now brings everything to a halt.

My vision of the friendly mailman, willing to go out of his/her way to ensure that the mail is delivered, has been replaced by an image of an uncaring, robotic, “efficient” bureaucrat, gleefully slapping yellow tags on any envelope not up to some letter-of-the-law standard.

This is not the “Maine, the way life should be” that I remember. No wonder respect for and trust in our government agencies is so diminished. I long for the old days — when mailmen delivered the mail — or at least tried to.

Albert L. Buswell

Swan’s Island

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