• World peace through inner peace

    By Justin Benjamin Pollard   The failure of the United States and North Korea to reach an agreement at the Hanoi summit has made many concerned that we could soon be again facing increasing tension in East Asia. Recent skirmishes between India and Pakistan remind us of the terrifying risks of escalation when nuclear-armed powers

  • Writing is a bear

    …as discussed in a writing class after an example by John McPhee.   By Todd R. Nelson You see, even if you don’t like to write you have a handy topic: writer’s block itself. You could start out with a letter, like John McPhee advises.* “Dear Mr. Nelson,” you might say, “I do not like

  • A dangerous piece of propaganda

    Dear Editor: Rep. Lawrence Lockman’s commentary “Leftist indoctrination in the classroom” published in the Feb. 28 Ellsworth American was nothing more than a propaganda piece to promote Rep. Lockman’s right-wing conspiracy theory that public school teachers are poisoning young people with “anti-Christian,” “leftist” ideology. In his commentary, Mr. Lockman slanders public school educators and administrators

  • Graham Lake environmental issues

    Dear Editor: I am a year-round Ellsworth resident who has owned shorefront property on Graham Lake since 1997. When the water level in Graham Lake is high, the lake color becomes chocolate brown from the silt caused by shoreline erosion. Since the lake is shallow, when the water level is low the shoreline becomes mud

  • Radical plan is not a bad thing

    Dear Editor: While the “Green New Deal” proposal by newly elected junior Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) may seem radical to some, even socialist by others, we need to keep in mind that this is the wish list of young, idealistic citizens of the next generation. These are the ones who will have to live with

  • To hauling

    Dear Editor: The clock says it’s morning, the sky says it’s night, and my wife says feed the dog on the way out. Patting her generous rump as I pull the quilt back over her she mumbles something and pulls the covers tighter. She doesn’t get up with me like she did in the early

  • We’re all neighbors here

    The old newspaper riddle goes “What’s black and white and read all over?” It harkens back to the good ’ol days when newspapers really were “read all over.” In recent decades, the combined pressures of shrinking circulation and reduced advertising dollars have spelled the end for hundreds of newspapers and thousands of jobs. That’s bad

  • The 55% solution

    In 2003, Maine voters directed state government to fund 55 percent of the total cost of delivering local kindergarten to grade 12 public education. For the current 2019 fiscal year, the state contribution of $1.1 billion toward the total cost of K-12 education, including the cost of essential programs and services (EPS), plus the state