• Private or public ambulance service

    After 45 years serving the greater Ellsworth region with emergency medical technician (EMT) service, County Ambulance has announced it is closing. In the short term, the Aug. 31 departure of County Ambulance will be a challenge. But it’s also an opportunity. Nationally, almost half of all EMT and ambulance service is provided by fire departments

  • A different kind of leadership

    Dear Editor: In most of my 72 years (starting with President Dwight D. Eisenhower) I’ve observed many presidents. Now there is a quagmire in the White House. There are two quotes relating to a well-run presidency. One is from a president and one is from a first lady. “The presidency is not merely an administrative

  • A message for Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: Maine is fortunate to have had many great senators — Edmund Muskie, George Mitchell, William Cohen and Margaret Chase Smith, to name a few. The common characteristics that made these senators stand out was their level of integrity and courage to put their state and their nation above their political party affiliation. In

  • City’s historic buildings facing extinction

    Dear Editor: I am deeply concerned with the lack of interest in our community for the saving of our historical buildings and neighborhoods. I believe more needs to be done within our city to protect and save our historical buildings and sites. I am a member of the Ellsworth Historic Commission, but there needs to

  • Luchini more than deserving of Senate seat

    Dear Editor: For the past eight years, Ellsworth and Trenton residents have been ably represented by state Rep. Louie Luchini of Ellsworth. Now, voters in Senate District 7, which includes most towns in Hancock County, will have the opportunity to elect Luchini as their representative to the Maine State Senate. For the past six years,

  • Poliquin oversells and underperforms

    Dear Editor: On Aug. 9, Mr. Thomas White wrote in a letter to this paper (“Poliquin reaches over party lines”) reporting that Congressman (Bruce) Poliquin reached across the aisle to help serve the people of Maine by working with Congresswoman Pingree to assist the lobster industry. Kudos to Bruce for doing his job. In contrast,

  • Thank you, Alan

    Dear Editor: In the coming weeks, The Ellsworth American will change ownership for only the third time in about 50 years. Under the careful tutelage of Russell Wiggins, Alan Baker at once not only bought a storied newspaper, but carefully continued the tradition of running a smart, balanced weekly newspaper, a journal that could be

  • Wild blueberry promotion a team effort

    Dear Editor: In response to your recent editorial regarding government subsidies for farmers, it is necessary to correct the assertion that the Section 32 Bonus Buy program, which recently benefited the Maine wild blueberry industry, is taxpayer-funded. In fact, the program is funded through annual customs receipts — i.e., duties on agricultural and non-agricultural products

  • Who’s in charge here?

    The oldest form of government in Maine is county government. It dates all the way back to the Declaration of Independence. After York became Maine’s first official county in 1820, when Maine separated from Massachusetts, each Maine county has elected commissioners, a sheriff, a district attorney and … a treasurer. This fall, Hancock County has