• Golden will fight for health care for all

    Dear Editor: How many of the folks you know — friends, family, neighbors — find getting necessary health care a worrying, and all too often impossible task? Basic primary care for adults and children is simply denied those who do not have health insurance and cannot afford the high cost of medical care. Many Mainers

  • Let’s hear it

    Dear Editor: A big thank you to Stephen Fay for his editorial entitled “Might we hear what he has to say”? It would be such a wonderful improvement throughout society if we could at least listen to each other and have civil conversation. This editorial was indeed appropriate after the letter of the previous week

  • Don’t reward the uninformed at the polls

    Dear Editor: Recently the Maine Republican Party attacked Jared Golden, falsely claiming he wished to turn the United States’ health care system into a government-run system like Britain’s. This is incorrect; his positions favor gradual expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to cover increasing groups of our citizens. This will not only provide people with the

  • Cast your vote for Maine’s future

    Dear Editor: Maine is in crisis, and we voters better get deeply engaged with carefully choosing our next state legislative body. A vote is a powerful thing, and our future depends on each one of us wielding that choice well, and meeting our responsibilities as an informed electorate. Amongst other important votes, this fall, we

  • A comforting show of support

    Dear Editor: On July 5, you kindly published the article “Comforting foster kids one ‘case’ at a time,” written by Rachel Taylor. As a result, a TV segment was aired by News Center Maine on July 12. The response to these two pieces has been beyond my greatest expectations. Since then, more than 150 Comfort

  • Take your time, Ellsworth

    Micki Sumpter, Ellsworth’s retiring economic development director, has presided over an impressive period of growth in her six years at City Hall. Last Thursday’s ceremony marking the opening of The Jackson Laboratory’s state-of-the-art mouse production facility included specific acknowledgment of Sumpter, as well as the city manager and Ellsworth’s municipal government, in general. Even so,