• Orwellian spectacle overshadows immigration debate

    By Rep. Lawrence Lockman Maine people were given yet another lesson the week before last in what sort of thinking our home-grown Thought Police will tolerate on the subject of immigration. Here’s the lesson in a nutshell: under no circumstances will Big Brother and his minions permit anyone to connect the dots between the reality

  • Mills is wrong to try to eco-balance

    By Jonathan Carter What a total disappointment that the Mills administration has opted to follow the same old model of compromising the health of Maine’s environment away. This is called eco-balancing and it employs the notion that CMP’s offer to provide $248 million over 40 years will provide a benefit that is equal to or

  • Thanks for helping celebrate the city

    Dear Editor: We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us for last week’s Ellsworth Open House. The businesses and organizations present at the event generously provided their time, donated door prizes and welcome bag materials and helped with promotion. Thank you: City Hall, Cub Scouts, Downeast Senior College, Ellsworth Adult

  • The fix was in on transmission line

    Dear Editor: Governor Janet Mills and the Legislature are heading toward expropriation of CMP’s (Avangrid) 145-mile transmission line from Hydro-Quebec to Lewiston. During a six-hour CMP stipulation hearing before the PUC, not one intervener asked the commissioners about this, yet the Governor had categorically stated on March 1, “Importantly, the stipulation creates a new special

  • Break up with bacon

    Dear Editor: I was invited to and attended a “Community Council Breakfast” on Monday, March 18, sponsored by and held at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital. Its purpose was to update those attending on health care from a legislative angle, both state and federal. Being the health and nutrition-conscious person that I am, I was

  • Vehicle inspections warranted

    Almost every session of Maine’s Legislature gets distracted by controversial proposals of its own making that distract the body from its primary role — establishing a working budget for all of Maine. One of the distractions this spring is the recurring push to eliminate Maine’s annual inspection law for non-commercial motor vehicles. Critics of the

  • Take one for the team

    You can’t legislate good parenting. The foremost reason being that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and any attempt to define one would insult and undermine the rich diversity of parent-child relationships. Also impossible: enforcement. How would one make love compulsory, for example, or lessons on right and wrong? Children desperately need these things, but the

  • Democratic socialism or social democracy?

    The entry of Bernie Sanders into the race to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, plus the media’s love affair with the youngest member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are reason enough to examine their professed ideology — democratic socialism.