• Wall money better spent elsewhere

    Dear Editor: Sen. Susan Collins’ decision to give Maine’s support to the border wall is disheartening and seems yet another sign of democracies escalating erosion under the autocratic bullying of the Trump administration. I spent years working along the vastly beautiful Texas/Mexico border and there is a reason representatives from this region are against an

  • Times have changed at the EA

    Dear Editor: It is thoroughly disgusting that your once fine publication would print as a news story two pages devoted to Frank Smith III. As a former long-term resident of Ellsworth it pains me to read such drivel presented as a news story when it is nothing more than a “hit piece” on conservatives, LePage

  • Nancy and Horace

    Dear Editor: Nancy and Horace “Nancy,” Horace’s voice broke into the morning twilight. “Come on, we’re going fishing today,” Nancy’s father urged. “OK, OK, I’m coming,” Nancy answered, pushing the cats off the bed. “We’re going to Moosehead today?” She asked. “Your boat tied up at Rockwood?” “Yes,” he laughed, “We don’t have to come

  • The MPA’s Hail Mary

    Falling enrollment in Maine high schools has had a predictable, but still upsetting, impact on team sports. Last fall, the coach of the Old Orchard Beach field hockey team announced the cancellation of the season. The reason: too few students had come out to play. Throughout Maine, high schools have been forced to drop or

  • Still waiting for our peace dividend

    By Michael Hall I have been waiting 35 years for the peace dividend we will get once there are no more serious challengers to American hegemony. America itself has been waiting twice as long. With no existential foes left, you might think America could afford to bring home our military from around the world and

  • Overreach

    The rural nature of much of Maine remains one of its siren songs. Those woods and wide open spaces define Maine as a place for all to share and enjoy. A large portion of Hancock County lies within one of these undeveloped areas — the unorganized territories stretching along Route 9 to Washington County on

  • Semper fi

    It’s early days, way too soon to evaluate the performance of newly elected or re-elected legislators and members of Congress. So let us just say that it’s encouraging to have a former member of the armed forces representing our half of the state in the U.S. House of Representatives. Military veterans made up the majority

  • A different plan for American greatness

    Dear Editor: Let’s make America great again. First, check the nation’s budget — $21.9 trillion, up $1.4 trillion in the last year. Just a bit more than President Trump would like to waste building walls. Ever seen those pictures of people with ladders climbing over such walls that do exist? It would take a couple

  • Al Pacino said it best

    Dear Editor: I happen to agree with the New York Times when it warned Nancy Pelosi not to give too much power to the newly elected House Democrats who call themselves “Democratic socialists.” They will be a minority of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. I don’t enjoy being unkind or insulting toward anyone,