• The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    Jamal Khashoggi was well known and well liked in Washington and in journalistic circles worldwide. He was described by all who knew him as a friendly teddy bear of a man — a Saudi citizen living in self-imposed exile in the United States so he could speak and write freely. He was a former confidant

  • Mud season

    Politics has long been a contentious activity in America and every other democracy. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Opposing sides, fervent in their desire for victory, pitch their stances, visions and aspirations to the electorate. They talk about their beliefs and experience. But these days, the candidates do not so much address their

  • Poliquin provides poor return on voters’ investment

    Dear Editor: What’s Congressman Bruce Poliquin of Maine’s 2nd District worth to you? He receives at least a $174,000 salary plus benefits and about $2.4 million more for office and staff expense – from public information. I do not think I am getting my money’s worth. Perhaps I would have a different perspective if I

  • A vote of confidence for Arruda

    Dear Editor: Listening to the candidates for local House and Senate districts at a recent forum in Orland, I was especially impressed by Nathalie Arruda’s well-informed, clearly thought-out responses to questions on current issues and challenges facing Maine and Maine citizens. While our neighbor Sherm Hutchins is well known and respected for his heritage and

  • Vote William “Billy Bob” Faulkingham

    Dear Editor: I would like to lend my support to William Faulkingham in his run to represent Maine House District 136. In these times of political strife, it is important to have well-rounded and firmly grounded individuals who can look at issues from all angles and then make an informed decision. It is also important

  • Grohoski won’t back down from challenges

    Dear Editor: I have served with hundreds of legislators and observed hundreds more. From my observations it is clear to me that some serve because they want to help their constituents and their state. Some have narrower interests. Some give their time and talent and are effective. Some give less and we get less. When

  • Home care for all

    Dear Editor: Mainers have an opportunity this fall to support seniors and people with disabilities so they can live with dignity and independence in their homes. Question 1 would create a universal home care program that would support family caregivers, improve job quality of home care workers to address our current shortage and create a

  • Sherm for Maine House

    “Hello, my name is Sherm Hutchins and I am running for the Maine Legislature.” This is how I have introduced myself since mid-July, traveling throughout District 131 (Dedham, Orland, Otis, Penobscot, Prospect, Stockton Springs, and Verona Island) to meet the people and to hear their concerns. It is a wonderful experience to connect with those

  • Make your voice heard on Nov. 6

    Dear Editor: I know there must be people here in Maine who just don’t think they’ll bother to vote this Nov. 6, but I would like to urge everyone to think about the issues and choices presented to the voters at this time, and to make the decision to get to a polling place or