• A primary election puzzler

    Dear Editor: Last week, as I left my Gouldsboro polling place, I was pasted with a lapel sticker that said: “I Voted Today.” Apparently, there was no sticker that said: “Not Allowed to Vote Today.” Long story short: During my 50-plus years as a journalist I was more or less required as an ethical matter

  • America’s dilemma

    Dear Editor: Whoever thought America would end up with a devotee of white supremacy — in the White House of all places? Well, it has happened, and we Americans are going to pay a high price for it. No one can say that we had no warning. One has only to recall Trump’s escalator ride

  • Bus driver was a “molder of dreams”

    Dear Editor: Years ago I read the book “Molder of Dreams” by Guy Doud. The book came to mind again recently as bus driver Danny Mitchell retired (Ellsworth American 6/14/18). Mr. Doud received the Teacher of Year Award in 1986 and was honored by President Reagan at the White House. The story tells of his insecurities as

  • Every moment counts

    Dear Editor: If what we gain in riches, we lose in terms of relationships… If what we gain in “standing over,” we lose in terms of understanding… If what we gain in aspiration for the “good life,” we lose in terms of the common good… If what we gain in security, we lose in terms

  • Goodbye, Deer Isle

    Dear Editor: Heroin dealers have claimed the island and I can’t take it any longer. I am leaving Deer Isle. I made it one year in a house new to me. This community needs to step up, speak up and act now for the sake of the young generations who are going down the tubes before

  • Lobster industry feeling the pinch in trade war

    Dear Editor: The “trade war” between China and the United States has become a tremendous problem and threat to many industries that depend on exports for a big chunk of their revenues. I fully understand that because of abuses relating to unfair trade practices and theft of technologies vital not only to our economy, but

  • Recommended reading

    Dear Editor: To Stephen Fay: I really enjoyed your article in this week’s American about the pleasure you get from revisiting “The Velveteen Rabbit” and other books for kids, and I wondered if you knew about a book by a local author who lives on Newbury Neck. Her name is Laurel Davis Huber and she

  • Some questions for Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Sen. Susan Collins. Dear Sen. Collins: Of course you are busy. And so is your staff. So I submit questions to which you, or they, might have time to reply to “soon.” 1. What of President Trump … his domestic and foreign policies, his words, deeds, diplomacy,

  • Time to end the Trump nightmare

    Dear Editor: However our elected representatives and senators are equipped to do so they must find the ways and means to relieve our country of the horror and dishonor of Trump’s evil, undemocratic, sadistic and heartless administration. Our Founding Fathers built a great democracy, a country of welcome, understanding, compassion, equality and humanity, and we

  • Time to step up, Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: This is addressed to Sen. Susan Collins. Dear Sen. Collins: In February of 2017, you wrote to me: “As a former U.S. attorney and former Alabama attorney general, Senator Sessions has many years of experience that will serve him well as attorney general, should he be confirmed.  Based on my personal knowledge of Jeff