• John McCain in his own words

    It has been nearly two weeks since John McCain died, and he would be the first to say it is now time to move on. However, when a hero dies we can reasonably mourn a bit longer. I did not know McCain personally. I attended Senate hearings where he presided and spoke, but that was

  • Don’t miss this Golden opportunity

    Dear Editor: Our representative to Congress thinks that the people who do the most difficult patient-centered work in nursing homes are overpaid. In today’s Ellsworth American (Aug. 16, 2018) he named increases in the minimum wage as a factor in why nursing homes are having a hard time financially. Hum. Blame the lowest paid workers

  • The mating ritual begins anew

    Dear Editor: The mating ritual starts anew, only this one takes place every two years. We are already being bombarded with campaign advertising in all forms of media that does not contain one bit of information that would help us make an informed decision how and who to vote for. The debate rages over who

  • Malaby goes above and beyond for kids

    Dear Editor: I would like to express my deep admiration and gratitude for the work that Rep. Richard Malaby has done to improve the Maine’s behavioral health services for children with mental health and/or developmental disability challenges. I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist. I was formerly the medical director of the Maine DHHS Office

  • King and Collins should wait on Kavanaugh

    Dear Editor: I respectfully ask that Sens. King and Collins not confirm or hold hearings for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee until all passed records and documents are released and the November election has been completed. A President under active investigation should not be able to appoint someone to the Supreme Court. That’s doubly true

  • King puts people over partisanship

    Dear Editor: As the facts about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election become more and more evident, I have been impressed with Sen. Angus King’s thoughtful and even-handed pursuit of the truth. Maine people need representatives who will carefully examine evidence and draw conclusions based on facts, and not partisan politics. As a member

  • Golden will fight for health care for all

    Dear Editor: How many of the folks you know — friends, family, neighbors — find getting necessary health care a worrying, and all too often impossible task? Basic primary care for adults and children is simply denied those who do not have health insurance and cannot afford the high cost of medical care. Many Mainers

  • Let’s hear it

    Dear Editor: A big thank you to Stephen Fay for his editorial entitled “Might we hear what he has to say”? It would be such a wonderful improvement throughout society if we could at least listen to each other and have civil conversation. This editorial was indeed appropriate after the letter of the previous week