• A suggestion for Sheriff Kane

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth American reports that Sheriff Scott Kane is pitching “school resource officers” to local school boards, apparently to help with “lockdown drills” and “safety plans” to protect our children in the event of shootings like those at Parkland High School and so many other places. The problem is how to pay for

  • Bold action needed on whale entanglements

    Dear Editor: The NOAA technical memo referenced in the Oct. 26 article “NOAA scientists admit a gaffe on risk to whales of lobster trap lines” highlighted the lobster fishery because of its size and scope. Not surprisingly, the industry has come out hard against the memo’s conclusions, especially one related to the 2014 vertical line

  • Congress should pass a new farm bill before 2018 ends

    By Anna Johnson Congress has only a few days left in 2018 to pass legislation. Adopting a strong, new farm bill should be at the top of their list. Lawmakers should approve a farm bill that includes closing loopholes in commodity payments, renewing major conservation programs and continuing programs that offer support to rural communities

  • Give the gift of life this holiday season

    Dear Editor:   The fall and winter can be a busy time full of fun activities and travel, but the same activities that bring joy can also negatively affect patients in need of lifesaving transfusions. In fact, right now, the American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage and has issued an urgent call

  • French President Macron needs a history lesson

    Dear Editor: This year marked the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day 1918, the end of World War I. In Europe, the holiday is called Remembrance Day. At first the war was known as the “Great War.” The introduction of mechanized warfare (tanks, machine guns and airplanes) and poison gas made the trench warfare so brutal

  • Same result, different impact

    Dear Editor: I note that many of Bruce Poliquin’s followers are in a tizzy over the fact that their man, having a plurality of the votes in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, nonetheless has been defeated. It can indeed be frustrating. Just ask Al Gore or Hillary Clinton. But the difference between Gore’s and Clinton’s losses

  • Some recommended décor for legislative offices

    Dear Editor: As usual, I began reading the EA editorial page with Jill Goldthwait’s column. I finished reading, thinking that her column should be “wallpapered” over all the walls of Augusta’s legislative rooms. The large, lavish rooms of the incoming majority party as well as the more modest ones to be occupied by the minority

  • Support needed for caregivers

    Dear Editor: Caregiving is a labor of love. You take care of your loved one’s personal needs; you are their safety officer, their advocate. My wife, Deb, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Deb used to read two books a week. That went away. She started having cognitive problems. Her condition continued to worsen

  • North Korea illusions

    For decades, North Korea has been a source of frustration and failure for U.S. foreign policy. The Korean War ended with a ceasefire, a divided peninsula and North Korea as a totalitarian police state determined to one day subjugate the South. The United States has maintained over 30,000 troops in the South ever since to

  • Remembering our veterans in ways that matter

    World governments recently paused to observe the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. That conflict was dubbed “the war to end all wars,” but ghastly years of stalemate, trenches, barbed wire and poison gas demonstrated that it was the war that could not even end itself. While the “end all wars” claim