• Some things to ponder this July Fourth

    Dear Editor:   Having again slashed taxes for the most wealthy and seeing their goal of shrinking government to the size “that it can be drowned in the bathtub” within reach, Republicans are on the verge of realizing a dream they have held since President Franklin Roosevelt’s “socialist” New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson’s “socialist”

  • What tax relief?

    Moments after the early morning adjournment of the Maine Legislature’s first regular session the flurry of press releases from Governor Janet Mills and legislative membership landed in electronic mailboxes. The public statements deservedly trumpeted the tri-partisan achievement of enacting the state’s fiscal year 2020-2021 $8-billion budget on schedule. Included among the achievements listed in these

  • The good guys

    Law enforcement is not a job for the faint of heart. The hours are terrible, the risks are high and the clientele is frequently on its worst behavior. Showing up when something horrible happens is part of the job description and police bear witness to great tragedy. It’s a calling, and most people who are

  • Maine doesn’t need Congress messing up the internet

    By Karl Ward Today, 9 out of 10 American adults use the internet. Americans depend on the internet in many aspects of their lives and consider internet access to be the key to being connected, well-informed and competitive. It is seen as a tool that supplies endless opportunities and drives our economy. The internet as

  • Crises trifecta

    Tomorrow, President Trump will travel to Japan for an annual meeting of 20 government leaders (G-20) with three international crises at a near boil. Two of these, Iran and China, are the result of measures initiated by the White House. North Korea, by contrast, was set in motion by actions taken by Pyongyang. Each of

  • Some advice for Sens. Collins and King

    Dear Editor: Rather than run for Congress myself, I have decided to offer Sens. Collins and King some advice for addressing the Social Security and Medicare crises that have been allowed to overtake the country like an untreated cancer. Social Security and Medicare were designed as, and still are, pay-as-you-go systems. The withholding taxes paid

  • Maine lobstermen a convenient target

    Dear Editor: I have been writing to defend the lobster industry since 1997. I wrote this in an open letter to Governor King, Sens. Snowe and Collins and Reps. Baldacci and Allen: “Ladies and gentlemen of the lobster industry, I must warn you that the right whale is the spotted owl of your industry. Even

  • Seeking solutions, not scapegoating

    Dear Editor: In his recent commentary printed in The Ellsworth American [“‘Nanny state’ welfare for non-citizens is shortchanging the elderly of Maine,” May 9], Rep. Lawrence Lockman states his dismay at “the avalanche of hideous legislation,” including LD 1317, the bill proposed by Rep. Drew Gattine that seeks to support immigrants by restoring eligibility for

  • Dorcas Library deserves support

    Dear Editor: I have been privileged to be helping and trying to be encouraging to our marvelous local library, Dorcas Library, which is a private nonprofit institution. This amazing little library offers our town of Gouldsboro the highest quality of services. Our community of Gouldsboro is about 33 percent the physical size of Cincinnati but

  • A nice job of reverse psychology

    Dear Editor: Phil Grant, you sly old fox! You got us good! And, you got just the response from us that you hoped for, with a couple of well-stated responses in this week’s Ellsworth American to your editorial [“Why do we like Trump? Here’s why,” June 6]. We know that you are a well-reasoned person

  • Get educated on herbicides

    Dear Editor: I am a mother/grandmother concerned about children’s health issues and I am writing to ask you to report on one of the most pressing issues of our community. Exposure to a very insidious herbicide called glyphosate herbicides, also known as Roundup and 700-plus other brand names, which is found in popular products such