• Taste of Ellsworth was a banquet

    Congratulations and awe to The Heart of Ellsworth for bringing off Saturday’s second annual Taste of Ellsworth festival. A total home run. The confluence of sunny weather, painstaking organization, team spirit and enduring good vibes from last year’s inaugural event served up a feast of food, high spirits and good company from mid-afternoon until dark.

  • An unbeatable team

    Dear Editor: To our mutual aid partners: We want to reach out and express a huge thank you, to all of you, for helping us out at multiple incident calls recently and throughout the year, from wildland fire to structure fire. We have a wonderful hardworking bunch of firefighters here in Hancock County. We all

  • Belfast can do better

    Dear Editor: As I prepare to move to Belfast from a nearby town, I am dismayed to find the city council has recently given the go-head to construction of a massive fish farm. Its decision was reached independent of public input. I understand the allure of the project: the pledges to employ local workers, the

  • Climate change has always been with us

    Dear Editor: As eloquent as Hendrik Gideonse’s June 14 letter to the editor was, he has many mixed up thoughts in his presentation. He seems to believe that climate change is a terrible thing, and that we need to end the use of fossil fuel for energy within 30 years. The problem is that climate

  • “Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred honor”

    “ … The Representatives of the united states of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, that these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to

  • License to celebrate

    On March 15, 1820, Maine was accepted as the 23rd state of the United States of America, thanks to the Missouri Compromise. With a majority vote of the region’s citizens, Maine was no longer part of Massachusetts. In less than two years, we Mainers will celebrate our 200th birthday. Maine’s 128th Legislature resolved to establish

  • Immigration becomes insoluble

    It is hard to recall another instance where the government of the United States has looked as chaotic and incompetent as it has along the southern border over recent days. In May, the administration announced a “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal migrants that would mean the arrest of any unauthorized border crosser and (probably) the

  • The results are in

    Maine’s spring primary results are in. We now know who the political party candidates will be for the November elections for governor and Congress, as well as the state Legislature. The victors should be recognized for their successful efforts and thanked for their willingness to make the commitment to serve their fellow citizens. Given the