• Time to rein in religious bullying

    Dear Editor: I must take issue with the letter writer who appears to assert that free speech is absolute, even when by a public official, in respect to a class of the citizens he aspires to serve. There are a number of exceptions to First Amendment absolutism that have been interpreted by courts as exceptions

  • Postal pain

    Dear Editor: The announcement of slower first-class mail is an insult to those of us elderly who don’t wish to get totally sucked into online banking and bill paying. I have said in the past “We used to be a rich country when they brought milk to our door.” Now, vendors who don’t deliver stellar

  • Paying the price

    Dear Editor: It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in New England. The Patriots were in Miami playing the Dolphins. Brady had just started at quarterback. The date was Oct. 7, 2001. At 1 p.m., President Bush went on television and announced that the U.S. had started bombing Afghanistan. In the course of his announcement, he

  • For a stronger Maine, paid leave is the solution

    By Rep. Genevieve McDonald As we attempt to turn the page on the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous issues have come to light that deserve immediate attention. One is the need for paid family and medical leave for Maine families. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone. Many families have had to make difficult decisions regarding child

  • Never forget Sept. 11, 2001

    By Tim Plouff The scandalous debacle unfolding over the past few weeks with the tumultuous abandonment of the Afghanistan war by the United States will create never-ending finger pointing, blame games and incessant media spin that shades the truth — the second real pandemic affecting Americans today, the absence of truth. It will also be

  • Be open to change

    Dear Editor: Yes, it’s frustrating, and yes, it may seem that we receive conflicting health information and advice. But it’s only “conflicting” if we fail to realize that change is always with us, every day, every minute, a constant in our lives. If today’s notice is different from yesterday’s, that doesn’t mean it was necessarily

  • An inexplicable decision

    Dear Editor: On the day The American reported on RSU 24’s inexplicable decision to make masks optional for the upcoming school year, there were nearly 160,000 new COVID-19 cases and 1,734 deaths reported nationwide. On that same day in Hancock County, there were nine new positive and four probable cases, bringing the total for the

  • Above and beyond

    Dear Editor: Several weeks ago, we exhibited at the antiques show at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill. We had a very good show. I am writing to compliment the students and staff of the academy. Their assistance went far beyond what was expected. They made the show both easy and enjoyable to do. Blue

  • There’s always Texas

    Dear Editor: In the past few days, I have heard numerous lamentations about individual rights and freedom of choice with respect to the new mandate for all health-care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. I agree wholeheartedly that every person has the right to choose what is best for themselves. The vaccination requirement is in

  • School board makes a statement

    Dear Editor: Special congratulations are in order for the Ellsworth public school system for finally dropping science from their curriculum. With a truly rare demonstration of the school system’s intelligence, School Board members stood firm in their detachment from scientific research and fact through their dissension from strong guidelines by the CDC, local pediatricians, larger

  • Protect the Arctic Refuge

    Dear Editor: If there’s one great thing about Maine, it’s the nature. Hiking, kayaking, camping, bird watching — all these things are worth doing because of this state’s amazing outdoor spaces. This country’s natural lands and wildlife are worth protecting, and Mainers really get that. But there’s one wild place in desperate need of our