• Poliquin’s crusade

    Dear Editor: Poor Bruce Poliquin. It must have been terribly disappointing to discover that the voters who wanted anyone but him as their representative in Congress outnumbered those who did. Bruce feels cheated of his rightful place in Congress because he thinks ranked choice voting (or rank choice, as he so poetically says) was confusing

  • RCV can help bridge our divide

    Dear Editor: I was extremely proud when Maine took the bold step to be the first state to enact ranked choice voting for national elections. Ranked choice is not a new concept. In fact, Australia has used it for 100 years, but it is new to us. There are many reasons given why ranked choice

  • Time to go home, Bruce

    Dear Editor: Mr. Poliquin: I urge you, as others have done and are doing, to acknowledge, concede and understand that, regardless of the results of the “recount” you wish to have conducted, most of your fellow Maine citizens do not want you to represent them (anymore). Perhaps had you represented in ways most would have

  • When a plan comes together

    Dear Editor: Political irony is on full display in Maine. The staple of many a politician, hypocrisy has now been foisted upon the voting process. Ranked choice voting, toddling mere months into its infancy, was found unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court for use in state elections. It has now mired the state into the

  • The Democrats’ Victories: Peril and Possibility

    By Eric D. Lister, M.D. Maine’s state government will soon be in the hands of Democrats, who will have the opportunity to pass a comprehensive slate of liberal reforms. Indeed, Maine’s citizens — through their ballots — requested just that. Unless, however, our new leaders can undercut the polarization of the electorate that divides our

  • So much connectivity, so little connection

    Visions of the future — particularly visions of the future of technology — used to focus on transportation. Flying cars, jet backpacks, commuting to the moon and supersonic flights to Europe were just around the corner. As it turned out, the technological advances around the corner would be astonishing, indeed. But it was not transportation

  • Do yourself a favor and shop local

    Doing your Christmas shopping in town has always been a good idea. The recent proliferation of craft, clothing and gift shops in Ellsworth and surrounding towns makes it especially rewarding this season. Keeping more of your money in your local economy, as distinct from spending it with an online retailer or national chain, breathes vitality

  • A call for change on the MRC Board

    Dear Editor: As I read your editorial on Sept. 6 [“A better mousetrap?”], I got to thinking about when I first became part of the Blue Hill/Surry Transfer Station Board of Supervisors in 2010. I was advised that the Municipal Review Committee (MRC) were our guys. As you correctly pointed out, they were formed to