• Getting past denial stage

    I read Tom Rolfes’ Aug. 21 letter on climate change with great anticipation. Like Tom, I am a retired engineer with an interest but no particular expertise in the science of climate change. However, after reviewing his and related scientific references, I am convinced that the points in his letter are wrong.

  • Disappointed

    I would like to echo Gerry Murray’s “don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke.” The decision to remove the crossword puzzle and other features of the Extra edition from newsstand copies of The Ellsworth American is very disappointing to this summer resident. Please reconsider your decision and make the Extra and its features available for all your readers.

  • Reflection in a new distant mirror

    The new school year commences. There is new sand in the sandbox, and new sandbox players in their new sneakers — the faces of the future at play just outside my principal’s office window. I cherish all the hopeful possibilities of their giggles and squabbles. The life of the sandbox seems halcyon and the future far off. But I think we could re-examine it in a way that brings it nearer. It’s right here, right now if you use a special lens.

  • Back to school for UMaine System

    It’s back-to-school time for the University of Maine System. You can tell because there are long lines of system administrators at Reny’s uncomfortably picking up their school supplies. So, in that back-to-school spirit, let’s review the health of our University System.

  • Letter to the Editor: MaineCare expansion would help hospitals

    The Cover Maine Now! coalition, a group of nearly 100 organizations, health care facilities, and businesses across Maine, would like to sincerely thank MDI Hospital CEO Art Blank for his vocal support of new federal funding for MaineCare. To the Editor: The Cover Maine Now! coalition, a group of nearly 100 organizations, health care facilities,

  • Post-RSU withdrawal: What next?

    When something’s shoved down your throat, you gag it up – regardless of the potential medicinal value of the product shoved. That was the case for voters in Ellsworth, Hancock and Lamoine, who voted decisively Nov. 5 to withdraw from Regional School Unit 24 (RSU 24). When the municipalities exit the RSU on June 30,

  • O Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

    Bar Harbor town councilors have had the misfortune of being labeled unpatriotic grinches after voting to end a lease with Wreaths Across America for a perpetually lit Christmas tree in Agamont Park. The controversial evergreen had been in the park since 2011. Councilors cited the need for separation of church and state (as well as

  • October opens with a bang

    Oct. 1, 2013 — The day the federal government shut down, Maine’s sales tax went up and uninsured Americans could start shopping for coverage on new online marketplaces. Milestones one and three are closely related. The health exchanges are a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Republicans aren’t fans. Hence the budget impasse

  • Plan your weekend, Aug. 10-11

    Enjoying all a Maine summer has to offer is like trying on your favorite pair of jeans from high school – there’s a lot to cram in. When the sun deigns to shine, the industrious can hike, bike, climb, fish, paddle and swim their way through the state’s natural wonders. The rest of us can