• An opportunity to lead on terrorism

    Thirteen years ago, the attack by terrorists on the heart of America’s Northeast (on the political, military and financial centers of the free world) was more than an aggressive statement against the United States. It was the latest demonstration of hatred by a limited group of extremists worldwide whose mission is to eliminate the spirit of self-determination and free expression that are crucial parts of the democratic process.

  • The end of a newspaper

    From the day they started, more than 26 years ago, Nancy and Fred Hastings never failed to publish a weekly issue of the Downeast Coastal Press. That weekly publication, based in Cutler and serving coastal Washington County communities, will come to an end sometime before Thanksgiving when the final edition of the newspaper rolls off

  • Joining the chorus

    Dear Editor: I hope I am joining a growing cacophony of readers who are objecting to your new push to get more people to subscribe to your paper by diminishing the newsstand issue. For many years, I have subscribed to The American, but also purchased the Islander on the newsstand. I enjoy the crossword puzzles,

  • No fan of capitalism

    In your Extra edition of Aug. 28, Mr. Joseph Szoecs of Brooklyn, N.Y., says his pet peeve is against big corporations. He claims they spend a lot of money on their self-image while their hands are in our pockets. Apparently Mr. Szoecs doesn’t much like American capitalism, viewing it as a kind of economic monopoly. Well, yes, we have a lot of corporations, both large and small.

  • A pox on both parties’ houses

    He’s got wrinkles, droopy eyes and a worried look. She looks grim. Maybe mad. His arm is around her shoulder protectively. They are supposed to represent Maine seniors, and Mike Michaud is out to ruin them. We did not quite make it to Labor Day before that first cheesy negative election ad arrived in our

  • Foreign policy of procrastination

    When President Obama was questioned about countering the Islamic terrorists (ISIS) in Syria, his response was “We don’t have a strategy yet.” This exemplifies the status of our foreign policy. The Obama administration has deferred our foreign policy decisions to other countries who defer back to the U.S. It is a policy of procrastination based on hopes and dreams that the world problems will fade away or be solved by foreign good guys in shining armor.

  • Fun and games on the campaign trail

    Remember last week’s exhortation to frequent York County’s shops, motels and restaurants? Never mind. The enthusiasm for our distant neighbors to the south was caused by the determination of the Greater York County Chamber of Commerce to hold a gubernatorial debate on Aug. 27 “no matter what.” This just might have pressured the party candidates

  • Focus on the big picture

    Week after week, month after month, since 1992, the Concord Coalition, a nonpartisan group of concerned Americans, has continued to sound alarms about the nation’s constantly growing fiscal problems. The coalition has been forced into its bellwether role for one reason: the United States Congress has refused to address, in any meaningful way, the growth