• Support our Kurdish allies

    Dear Editor: The U.S. has to start directly supplying significant military equipment to the Kurds so they can effectively combat ISIS. The Kurdish Peshmerga troops are excellent fighters and our allies in the Middle East, and we need to strengthen them so they can defeat ISIS and take back territory in Iraq and Syria. The

  • “No true justice was served in this case”

    Dear Editor: Nearly three years and three prosecutors later, I am exasperated with the recent, sudden and radical reduction in charges against Aaron Foss. Aaron was originally charged with felony-level crimes, but the state dismissed all three felonies, and substituted a single Class E charge and civil offense just to facilitate a plea bargain. Those

  • “Paralysis by Analysis”

    Water, water everywhere … and not a drop to drink?  Such may be the lament of ancient mariners, stranded at sea. Snowfall, snowfall everywhere … and who knows what to think? Such may be this week’s lament of Downeast residents, stranded at home. State law prohibits municipalities, even those located on the coastline, from dumping

  • Charter school funding

    Maine’s Legislature would do well to enact legislation proposed by a pair of Hancock County legislators to shift the funding burden for charter school tuition from local property taxpayers to the state. Republican Sen. Brian Hubbell of Ellsworth and Democratic Rep. Brian Hubbell of Bar Harbor are sponsoring LD 131, under which the state would

  • Maine hydropower

    For the first time since 1992, Maine now has an inventory of existing and potential hydropower resources. A study recently completed for the Governor’s Energy Office identified 110 sites at powered and non-powered dams with the potential for installation of 193 megawatts of additional capacity. Based on current market conditions, the study concluded that only

  • Strategy in the real world

    The White House recently published its “National Security Strategy 2015” — the official statement of how the U.S. government sees threats and opportunities around the world and how it is responding to what it sees. The document, itself, does not make for riveting reading but it does provide a useful springboard for looking at the

  • Poliquin breaks with Republicans on ACA vote

    Freshman Rep. Bruce Poliquin of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District poked his head above the Washington ramparts in defiance of Republican leadership last week. As the House of Representatives took its umpteenth vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Mr. Poliquin just said “no.” It was not his love of President Obama’s health care plan that

  • Personalizing medical research

    Like snowflakes, no two people are alike in terms of their genetics, even identical twins. That biological reality complicates medicine in terms of a developing effective treatment regimens. A pharmaceutical medical response to a condition like prostate cancer that works for you may or may not work for anyone else, including your brother. For centuries,

  • Tax reform is much needed

    Dear Editor: When I retired after 20 years in the U.S. Army in 2002, I took a seasonal job, and when I got laid off in the fall, I applied for unemployment compensation. After eight weeks of corresponding with the state unemployment office, I was denied benefits due to the fact that my pension amount