• Migrant tsunami

    Refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers have been part of the international scene since Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt in search of a promised land. The vast majority of the U.S. population can trace its roots back to emigrants who followed in the footsteps of the Pilgrims. In the modern era, periods of international conflict

  • A questionable stance

    Dear Editor: Can the citizens of Hancock County tell me why Sen. Brian Langley does not support LD 1396, “An Act Regarding Educational Standards for Maine Students” (the repeal of Common Core embedded into the Maine Learning Results)? I mean after all, he is the chairman or co-chairman of the Education Committee. Is it because

  • The week in review

    Dear Editor: “YMCA Pre-School” Saturday’s shopping concluded Sunday’s hymns fall silent Monday’s machinery when stopped Tuesday’s factory windows grow dark Wednesday’s mowers now stored Thursday’s dawn sky far stretched None so quiet as late Friday’s playground That empties when parents have come.   Perfect vitality of children’s fourth year Joyous shouts, zig-zag pursuits Balls high

  • Some truly worthwhile “stuff”

    Dear Editor: Regarding the op-ed by Tom Walsh, appearing May 28 [“America’s culture of stuff”], OK, I get it. We Americans have too much “stuff.” But your gratuitous references to the auction site in the “middle of nowhere,” in fact the much loved Pierre Monteux conductor’s school lodge in Hancock, and fund-raising auctions as evidence

  • An unforgivable offense

    Dear Editor: I realize times are hard now for many people, however there is no reason for anyone to steal from the deceased. That is unforgivable. My daughter and I left flowers at Woodbine Cemetery in Ellsworth two weeks before Memorial Day. When she and my son went back just before Memorial Day, everything had

  • Standardized testing

    In classrooms across the state next year, Maine students will be confronted by their third different annual assessment test in as many years. Could it be that standardized testing, while it has an appropriate place in educational systems here in Maine and across the nation, has created as many or more problems than it solves?

  • America’s culture of stuff

    Among the addictions that plague America is one that doesn’t involve substance abuse. It doesn’t even involve health care issues. It involves stuff. As residents of the world’s most affluent country, Americans seem obsessed with stuff, the eclectic assortment of lifestyle flotsam that clogs basements, attics, spare bedrooms, garages and off-site self-storage unit facilities, which

  • “How many people does it take to…?”

    By Richard C. Hill When chlorofluorocarbons were found to damage the high atmospheric ozone layer, a group of chemists and refrigerator compressor designers found new working fluids and designs that eliminated the problem. The new refrigerators worked as well or better than the old ones and the cost was not increased. I don’t know the