• Thanks for the love and kindness

    Dear Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family and the many friends I have who wished me wellness and supported Beth and I after my recent logging accident. My niece, Rachel, and Amanda Hellum set up a fishing derby, regardless of the weather, to help us out. Being

  • Governor should leave well enough alone

    Dear Editor: It’s well known from multiple studies that regressive taxes, such as sales taxes and excise taxes, take advantage of the middle class. States such as Texas, Washington, Arizona, etc. with high sales and excise taxes, and little or no state income tax, are widely unfair to those with middle or low incomes. In

  • Giuliana out-trumps Trump

    Dear Editor: Just when it was looking the tiniest bit like the GOP might just possibly begin to seriously address issues of great importance to the country, along comes another Republican malcontent: “Rude” Rudy Giuliani with his spiteful attack on President Barack Obama. Way beyond Donald Trump’s long-suffering crusade to convince Americans that Obama was

  • Reverse “Robin Hood” effect

    By Roger Bowen “Tax reform” sounds like having a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon: unimaginable that anyone would decline if offered. And when tax reform refers to cutting the income tax of individual Mainers, who in their right mind would be opposed? Everyone I know wants to pay less of their income to

  • Don’t shrink the Guard

    Under President Barack Obama’s budget proposal for 2016, our nation’s active U.S. Army would shrink from 390,000 to 375,000 men and women. At the same time, the Army National Guard would be reduced from 350,200 to 342,000. Brig. Gen. James D. Campbell, adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, believes — rightly, in our view

  • Presidential pets have left their mark

    Presidential pets have left their mark

    While Presidents Day, which we observed Monday, may be a time to reflect on the nation’s leaders, over the past two centuries, hundreds of animals also have been part of the 44 U.S. presidential administrations.

  • Severing UMaine System’s Gordian Knot

    The ancient myth of the Gordian knot addresses the seemingly intractable problem: the knot that cannot be untied. One solution is to sever the knot with a sword: Alexander’s lightning battles, Napoleon’s Code, LePage’s laser focus on taxes and energy costs. Another solution is founded in “thinking outside the box,” exemplified by the Guttenberg Press, IT innovators Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and UMaine System Chancellor Jim Page, arguably the best strategic thinker we have seen in that position.

  • Thumbs up, thumbs down

    Dear Editor: I have been so impressed by the hard work and dedicated service of Ellsworth’s road crews during this spate of big storms and wanted to publicly thank them for their efforts. I am always amazed at how quickly and efficiently the crew does its job — both in terms of roads and sidewalks.

  • Time for Congress to fill the gap

    Dear Editor: The President has once again failed to provide the necessary leadership for this nation. His request for Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against the Islamic State shows that he has failed to carefully evaluate the threat, develop a workable strategy to overcome it and propose to use all means necessary