• Maine’s most dangerous jobs

    Maine needs yet another license plate format, one that honors those who work at the state’s toughest and most dangerous jobs. Forget the insipid tourist-targeted “Vacationland” plate that has been around since the Eisenhower administration. And please don’t buy into the Governor LePage’s magical thinking slogan that assures would-be investors that Maine is “Open for

  • NFL officials dropped the ball

    Dear Editor: Football is played on a field with predetermined orientations and measurements that are easily checked by officials. Once these have been done, they are not easily changed without being obvious. The other thing necessary is a football. This item also has specifications that are stated, I’m sure, in the rulebooks. As a fan,

  • A massive and tragic waste

    Dear Editor: A school’s most precious commodity is not money, but time. This has always been true and remains true as I write you with a concern. Like most school administrators, I check my email very early every morning. I always want to know what is coming at me, my colleagues, and my school that

  • Another rant

    Angry over opposition to several of his legislative proposals from Democrats and some members of his own Republican party, Governor Paul LePage lashed out in an hour-long news conference on Friday. The Governor promised to veto every bill sponsored by a Democrat until or unless his opponents back down and support his proposed constitutional amendment

  • Tribal sovereignty

    Having angrily withdrawn their representatives to the Maine Legislature, the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot tribes are now calling on the United States Congress to initiate a full and open review of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act, which was signed into law in 1980 to resolve a lengthy and costly legal dispute over tribal claims to

  • Broken political process in dire need of repair

    Dear Editor: There is no doubt that Mainers aren’t going to agree on everything, but one thing we can all see eye-to-eye on is that government and politicians should be accountable to all of us — not just the ultra-wealthy and well-connected. As we continue to hear and read news stories about undue influence from

  • Face the facts with climate change

    Dear Editor: The year 2015 is starting off with all kinds of weather records being broken — snow in the East, drought in California, global heat, floods in Texas and Oklahoma. What do these things have in common? The changes in our global climate are bringing on significant economic costs. We all know about the

  • Thanks for an archival treasure

    Dear Editor: My abiding gratitude for your generous feature on our “Still Mill” anthology goes on seeking expression as I work toward its realization daily. Not keeping up, I can only ask your trust that you and others helping to tell our story know you will continue hearing from us over the fullness of time

  • Looking for a fresh start

    Dear Editor: Now that my Morgan Bay aquaculture lease proposal to grow oysters has been approved, I am inviting concerned parties to have a constructive, non-confrontational discussion. Once folks let me know they would like to participate, we can set up a location, date and time. No lawyers, please. I know there may be some

  • A sensible proposal for Maine’s seniors

    Dear Editor: In my experience, most Mainers want to grow older in their own home, but some homes are not able to accommodate their owners when physical frailties or chronic illness occurs. When that happens, Mainers want to stay in their community and live as independently as possible. We need to have affordable housing for