• The global myth of limitless water

    NASA may have put manned exploration of outer space on its budgetary back burner, but the National Aeronautics and Space Administration remains well-immersed in exploring inner space. NASA is now mother-henning 19 major spacecraft missions that are under way. While some of these spacecraft are studying the atmospheres, typographies and magnetic fields of distant planets,

  • The sad cycle of statism

    Dear Editor: Statism seems to be the controlling glue for most of the American people today. They can’t seem to get enough of voting people into a bogus office so they can tell the masses what they can and cannot do, and how much these bogus office-holders are going to steal from them for their

  • Another example of hypocrisy

    Dear Editor: Before China modernized, the Communist leader Mao Tse-tung was asked if he feared America’s atomic bombs. He replied, “We have rifles and millet.” Not so long ago, our generals recommended bombing Vietnam “back to the Stone Age.” However, not even Agent Orange could do the trick. Interesting to note that both aforementioned countries

  • Stonington gets it on climate change

    Dear Editor: While the argument is made in a recent letter that man-made global warming is political science, the writer is one of the lone wolves outside the scientific community mainstream. They rarely cite the consensus world literature. The first and second laws of thermodynamics (conservation of energy/thermodynamic equilibrium) pertain to closed systems, which the

  • Pure scientific gibberish

    Dear Editor: Mr [Bob] Hobbs’ letter in the Oct. 30 Ellsworth American should have been rejected by the editor on the grounds that it is complete scientific gibberish. I counted five scientifically incorrect statements in his thankfully short letter. Not a single fact was correct — he flunked. He used numerous scientific words, but he

  • Honored and grateful

    Dear Editor: To my friends and neighbors in Lamoine, Bar Harbor and Mount Desert, I am deeply honored and grateful to be elected to represent you for another two years in the Maine State Legislature. Built from conversations at many hundreds of doors over the past half year, your support reinvigorates my courage to represent

  • Election yields some lessons

    Dear Editor: The election this year in Maine has given me hope. But this is not a “strike up the band, the GOP won” letter. On the contrary, it is a teacher letter. Like many teachers, I have students who look for excuses for not being able to reach their goals all the time. As

  • Deceptive statistics

    Some of the economic statistics put out by the government and parroted by the mainstream media for general public consumption are downright misleading. It is not that they are inaccurate, false or biased. It is just that what they imply is different from what actually is. It is more that they give an incomplete perspective. It is what they don’t say that causes much of the misinterpretation.

  • Quantitative easing

    To most Americans, the U.S. Federal Reserve System — known informally as the Fed — may be one of the least understood components of our government. We know that, in a broad sense, its dictates seem to have a significant impact on the nation’s economy and its monetary policy, but most of us have only