• A man of action

    Dear Editor: I grew up in Prospect and attended Bucksport schools and was lucky enough to play softball there. During my junior year, our Bucksport High School team won the 2006 Class B Maine State Championship. I then went on to play four successful years at the University of Maine.

  • Come rally for peace

    In the face of violent attacks that demand a response, a call for working together toward peace may seem out of touch, unrealistically optimistic, even ignorant. Would some say demented? From another point of view, trying to solve violence with more violence is what’s insane.

  • Switching support

    In the last election, I voted for Brian Langley for state senator, having long known him as a fine man. While in office, he has done some good things, especially shepherding an important anti-bullying bill through the Legislature. On a few occasions he has even voted to override vetoes by Governor LePage, though they are both Republicans.

  • The right man at the right time

    Paul LePage is the right person at the right time to continue to lead our state. He was elected in 2010 as a man for the people. No special interest group or political cronies can sway his opinions and principles. He has kept his promises and I admire how he has remained the same “regular guy.”

  • All politics, all the time

    Maine’s three gubernatorial candidates were together at last, but briefly. An energy forum planned for the University of Southern Maine campus came off the rails when Governor Paul LePage, discovering the presence of his opponents, never got farther than the parking lot. He was promised a forum for his energy policies, not a gabfest with

  • Where is the outrage?

    Day by day, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand why the global Muslim community does not unite with one voice to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the brutality of the self-annointed Islamic State (ISIS) against Christians, Yazidis and its fellow Muslims in Iraq and Syria. This barbaric group of terrorists resorts to all manner

  • Political endorsements

    In a commentary published in the Maine Sunday Telegram of Sept. 2, a former campaign aide to President Barack Obama asserted that the Maine newspaper’s decision to stop endorsing candidates for political office is nothing less than an abdication of the newspaper’s responsibility and a threat to democracy. Michael Cuzzi, who now manages the Portland

  • China can offer lessons to America

    BATH — My in-depth work with thousands of families over the past 40 years, including American, Chinese and Chinese-American families, has taught me American and Chinese parents could learn much from each other.

  • On consulting reputable sources

    I’m writing, again, in response to comments by Tom Rolfes of Mount Desert.
    Mr. Rolfes, as he admits, is not an expert in climate science. There’s nothing wrong with that — it’s important that people learn about climate change.