• Maine should reject a national park

    By Anne Mitchell When President Obama appointed Roxanne Quimby to the National Park Foundation Board of Directors in 2010, the NPF press release bio of Ms. Quimby included a reference to having “bought and conserved approximately 120,000 acres of wild lands in Maine at risk of or already damaged by logging for timber.” Her choice

  • Responsible management of the Bagaduce River

    By Tom Stewart On Jan. 24, a Maine daily newspaper ran an insightful piece addressing failed fisheries regulations and the uncertain future of depleted fisheries stocks. A major point of the commentary was that we need to take a more integrative approach to the management of our marine resources, one that respects the interdependency of

  • The GOP’s continuing descent

    Dear Editor: A gun makes a coward a bully. So do money and power. Since Reagan, I have watched at first with dismay and now with shame. We Americans came out of the Second World War with strength and confidence. We were hopeful and we cared about others. We helped Europe and Japan regain their

  • Recycling the way it should be

    Dear Editor: Thank you for arranging the rummage sale/flea market/craft fair/homemade deli. It was fun to be once again in the school gym, scene of many memorable concerts and games. This time the stars were grown-olders, concerned with things rather than performances, but still full of stories. Selling a book on Dylan reminded an animated

  • Orland selectmen need some perspective

    Dear Editor: I was unable to attend the last Planning Board meeting in the town of Orland, so my comments are based on a review of that meeting published recently in The Ellsworth American. Who do our selectmen think they are? In case they have forgotten, they are elected officials, elected by the citizens of

  • Morgan Bay: The rest of the story

    Dear Editor: Regarding the recent EA article about the aquaculture permit for Morgan Bay in Surry, let me relay “the rest of the story.” To begin, I am a fan of aquaculture; not only for its contribution to economic health but, well, mostly because I really like seafood. Nearly a decade ago, much to my

  • A gesture much appreciated

    Dear Editor: As I was driving home from a commitment in Portland last Thursday, March 26, I stopped in Pittsfield to visit MCI Academy and while there decided to have lunch at Vittles Restaurant located on Main Street. Upon entering this quaint and cozy establishment, I proceeded to a booth, removed my USN civilian jacket

  • Going South

    Going South

    Leslie and I walk from our rented bungalow on Carpenter Street in Brunswick, Ga., as far as Egmont Street. The mid-March drizzle turns into a steady rain. Several “For Sale” signs mark Victorian era houses, some in San Francisco multi-colors: green dormer shingles, yellow trim, blue shingles, red front door. Camellias are blooming. Red bud and azaleas are beginning to show, and there are lots of other shrubs I can’t identify. The real estate agents listed on the “For Sale” signs are women, reminding me of the full-page real estate ads in the Golden Isles magazines showing columns of winking agents.

  • LMF funds hold hostage

    Governor Paul LePage has thumbed his nose at Maine voters — and not for the first time — with his refusal to allow the sale of voter-approved bonds totaling $11.4 million for the Land for Maine’s Future program. LePage dispatched Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Chandler Woodcock to last week’s LMF board meeting with word that

  • Kudos to Collins and King

    Once again, Maine’s Susan Collins has rejected the stance taken by a majority of her Republican colleagues in the U.S. Senate. And once again, she is deserving of a full measure of respect from her Maine constituents. Collins and just six other senators refused earlier this month to  join 47 Republicans who signed an open