• O Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

    Bar Harbor town councilors have had the misfortune of being labeled unpatriotic grinches after voting to end a lease with Wreaths Across America for a perpetually lit Christmas tree in Agamont Park. The controversial evergreen had been in the park since 2011. Councilors cited the need for separation of church and state (as well as

  • October opens with a bang

    Oct. 1, 2013 — The day the federal government shut down, Maine’s sales tax went up and uninsured Americans could start shopping for coverage on new online marketplaces. Milestones one and three are closely related. The health exchanges are a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Republicans aren’t fans. Hence the budget impasse

  • Plan your weekend, Aug. 10-11

    Enjoying all a Maine summer has to offer is like trying on your favorite pair of jeans from high school – there’s a lot to cram in. When the sun deigns to shine, the industrious can hike, bike, climb, fish, paddle and swim their way through the state’s natural wonders. The rest of us can

  • Ellsworth turns the big 2-5-0

    What does one buy to celebrate a 250th anniversary? Tradition calls for silver after 25 years. Stick around for ten times that and you should probably get a diamond-encrusted tiara or at least one heck of a party. Ellsworth has chosen Option B to commemorate the city’s sestercentennial. In honor of two-and-a-half centuries of settled

  • The tourists are coming! The tourists are coming!

    Memorial Day weekend kicks off the Maine tourist season, that special time of year when businesses begin operating in the black and drivers start seeing red. The lobster-hungry hordes fill roadways, parking lots and the quick checkout line. An errand that would take 15 minutes in March can easily turn into an hour-long expedition in

  • Moving mountains on MDI

    The Mount Desert Island business community may not move mountains, but it can open them up. This week, Acadia National Park Superintendent Sheridan Steele announced that with community support the auto road to the top of Cadillac Mountain would open May 11, a week earlier than previously planned. Due to federal budgets cuts known as

  • Take a walk

    We’re calling it: it’s spring. Not the-calendar-says-so-but-there’s-still-snow-on-the-ground official start, but the point where it looks like, feels like and sounds like springtime (sun! birds! the rite to bare arms!). The five-day forecast shows sunny skies and temperatures around 60 degrees. There’s no better time to get outside. Take a break from yard work and take

  • Scammers are smart, be smarter

    According to a recent e-mail sent to the site, fenceviewer is the beneficiary of $38.6 million. The “bank official” who delivered this exciting news assures us her missive “is not a hoax or scam mail.” We kinda think it is. As law enforcement officers, bankers, the State Attorney General and your mom would be quick

  • Rosen’s closing a blow for Bucksport

    Sometimes a business is more than just a place to spend hard-earned cash. These local marketplaces staffed with familiar faces are part of what makes a community unique from the next one over. The longer a business has been around, the harder it is to see it go. Case in point: Rosen’s. When the Rosen