• Langley on the wrong side of health care

    Dear Editor: I find Sen. Brian Langley to be easy to like. He is affable, intelligent and articulate. He also (reputedly) runs a pretty good seafood restaurant, the Union River Lobster Pot in Ellsworth, and knows a lot about good food. But I won’t be voting for him for another term in the Maine Senate.

  • “Non-hearing” had a precedent

    Dear Editor: In response to Steve Fuller’s report on the Sept. 25 Aurora public non-hearing, I had a similar experience at the Sept. 15 public hearing before the Hancock County Commissioners concerning the approval of a second TIF district and credit enhancement agreement in support of Hancock Wind’s expansion in our county’s unorganized territories.

  • Vote for Ward is vote for state’s future

    Dear Editor: As a 30-year veteran in law enforcement, I’ve learned to recognize and appreciate clear thinking, problem-solving people. This past year, I’ve enjoyed getting to know just such a person — Karl Ward — and I’m pleased that he has decided to run for state representative for the Hancock County towns of Otis, Dedham, Orland, Penobscot and Verona Island.

  • Walsh will work hard in Augusta

    Dear Editor: If you’re wondering who to vote for as our next state representative in Augusta, look no farther than Sue Walsh. She has been actively involved in our community for many years, most recently as a member of the Blue Hill Planning Board.

  • Ward has shown he cares

    Dear Editor: My family has been in the town of Penobscot for 10 generations and I’ve had the privilege of personally serving my hometown in several ways, including as its representative in Augusta. I can honestly say that the simple greatest trait a representative must have to be effective is that he or she must care. That is why my choice for our next representative will be Karl Ward.

  • Burns puts citizens first

    Dear Editor: Dave Burns is a sensible, moderate person not given to excessive ideas or notions of the far right or far left. Dave is grounded by his long career and experience first as a state trooper and then in his association with Catholic Charities of Maine. He has seen the lawless and arrogant, the frail and vulnerable; he understands the human condition and realizes the limited resources and ability of government to intervene.

  • A vote for Matt Foster

    Dear Editor: On Nov. 4, voters in Washington and Hancock counties will be asked to vote for one of two men, Attorney Matt Foster or Assistant District Attorney for Hancock County Bill Entwistle, to become District Attorney for the above counties.