• State budget vs. job creation

    Dear Editor: The vast majority of Maine jobs are created by small local businesses hiring local residents. Many (most?) of these small start-ups have been funded by Mainers taking out mortgages on their homes. The budget recently presented by the Governor proposes to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction from state income tax returns. This proposal would

  • Lenin’s words of wisdom

    Dear Editor: Toward the end of WWI, in the face of a resurgent Germany whose armies were winning great victories in both the West and the East, Lenin said: “True, revolutionaries must face the probability that the imperialist war, if continued unchecked, might lead to the real annihilation of civilization and the end of the

  • College consolidation a bad idea

    By Margaret Cruikshank I happened to see the reply by James Page, chancellor of the UMaine System, to a Wall Street Journal article headlined “Maine Colleges Hit the Skids” (Jan. 15). Page acknowledged that the universities face many challenges. One of the biggest, as far as I can tell, is his management. In his letter,

  • Nanny state nonprofits nurture dependence

    By Rep. Lawrence E. Lockman Here’s a New Year’s prediction you can take to the bank: The very same liberal ideologues whose policy prescriptions wrecked Maine’s health insurance market over the past several decades will work overtime this year to promote Obamacare as Mainers’ last best hope for affordable health insurance. And the professional left’s

  • Who are the real welfare cheats?

    Dear Editor: We hear attacks on poor people who rely on welfare payments such as food stamps to survive. Our Governor leads that in Maine. But whose fault is it that so many working people can’t earn enough to support their families without welfare? I suggest we look first at those corporations that, while making

  • Beware the “Sweetheart Scam”

    Dear Editor: With Valentine’s Day approaching, a certain scam, commonly known as the “Sweetheart Scam,” will kick into gear as it does each February. Many people who are single like to meet potential dates on dating websites such as E-Harmony, Christian Mingle, and others. As with all social networking, it is best to be very

  • Americans deserve a raise

    Dear Editor: Happy 2015! In the spirit of this bright and shiny-like-a-penny new year, I welcome the newly elected Maine state government with the hope of solving our problems together. I like the idea of raising the minimum wage for the workers of this hard-working state. In the past two years, many states either have,

  • A matter of fairness

    Dear Editor: I live within one mile of the proposed wind project in North Orland, as do 37 other households. I believe most of the Orland residents living this close would agree with what I have to say here. I’m not, however, writing to them. It’s the rest of you I’d like to reach. All

  • Clearing the air on wind power

    Dear Editor: Naomi Schalit [“Lobbyists prevail on wind power” Jan. 8, 2015] identified the wind power industry in an example of collaboration of corporate lobbyists with legislative leaders at the expense of citizen input. Her detailed description was yet not long enough to go into all the details of the particularly unfortunate circumstances of the

  • Alternative energies

    All of the “alternate energies” — wind, solar, tidal, biomass, etc. — are difficult to deploy for three reasons: (1) periodicity, (2) stochasticity and (3) dilution. The periodicity is easy to understand. The tide comes and goes; the sun does not shine at night, etc. The stochasticity limit is forced upon us by such sources