• A county-wide resource

    Careers are launched at Hancock County Technical Center. In an unassuming building on Boggy Brook Road in Ellsworth, students learn to run a commercial kitchen, repair cars, troubleshoot diesel engines, care for patients as certified nursing assistants and perform biomedical research. Students run their own restaurant and preschool, produce videos and review the fundamentals of

  • Relieving pressure on jails

    The Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth is one of 15 county jails in Maine. That’s one for every county, except Sagadahoc and Lincoln, which share the Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset. Each jail has its own unique history and set of needs. But there is one thing they have in common — though some

  • Encroaching oligarchy

    To the Editor: For far too long Americans have conflated democracy and capitalism. Abetted by so-called “corporate personhood” that conflation has only worsened in the past two or three decades and it is now ever more clear that capitalism has won and that American democracy is in retreat. Capitalism — at least as currently practiced

  • Mills: Open enrollment starts now

    Dear Editor: Health care, we all know, saves lives. It shouldn’t be a luxury, or a privilege reserved for well-to-do people, and yet more than 106,000 Maine people still do not have health insurance. That’s just unacceptable. Everyone gets sick. Everyone needs to go to the doctor sometimes. As Governor, my top priority is to

  • Some of us

    Dear Editor: Most of us were very young when we entered the military Most of us were scared Some of us were filled with self-doubt Most of us missed our freedom We marched, we jumped, we swam, we marched, we shot, we saluted…we marched We received our orders Some of us swabbed the deck Some

  • It’s time for universal broadband

    Dear Editor: Unless the internet suddenly disappears (and I hate to think how that might happen), it’s safe to assume that we all will become more and more dependent on it. So, given its importance, why don’t we have universal broadband in our homes and businesses? Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and many others have much

  • Solar gold rush

    In the wake of new legislation incentivizing solar power, developers have come courting in Ellsworth. They are looking to make a deal through a power purchase agreement under which the city would pay for electricity generated by a solar farm on city property. City officials plan to solicit quotes for a farm of up to

  • Yes to both questions

    Question 1 on the Nov. 5 ballot is a $105 million bond “to build or improve roads, bridges, railroads, airports, transit and ports and make other transportation investments.” Critically necessary, the bond would leverage an estimated $137 million in federal and other funds. The transportation bond was the only surviving piece of the $239 million

  • Time for the running of the bills in Augusta

    The second regular session of the 129th Legislature is taking shape, even though it doesn’t start until the new year. It is the “short” session, the second year of the biennium, and per the Maine Constitution is limited to considering legislation “limited to budgetary matters,” bills submitted by the Governor’s office, bills reported out of