• Mainers need more than “feel-good” measures

    Dear Editor:   Open letter to Sen. Angus King: On June 20, you signed as co-sponsor to a bill restoring funding to ACA Navigators. Based on my experience as an ACA (Obamacare) Navigator, I think this is simply a feel-good measure and will do little to actually help Mainers. The ACA was intended to provide

  • A different approach to immigration

    Dear Editor: Aside from the natives that were here before Columbus, the greatness that we claim today is from the efforts of immigrants that came before us. Rather than fault them now for leaving the horrible circumstances they left, would it not be wiser/better to use funds being used to maintain the horrors at the

  • Road warriors

    Sunshine, salt air and traffic — it’s summertime in Maine. The flood of seasonal visitors is a welcome sight to the many business owners and workers who make their living while the sun shines. For those drivers just trying to get from Point A to Point B, there’s relief at hand. The barricades marking the

  • Eighty percent of success is showing up

    By Linda Napier One morning, when my daughter was 12, she was having some getting-ready-for-school issues; what to wear and other middle school dilemmas. I reminded her that she would miss the school bus if she didn’t get moving and I wouldn’t drive her if she did. She sighed and rolled her eyes. Of course,

  • How can we regain customers’ trust?

    By Ed Townley Millennials are more likely to support socialism than capitalism, according to a shocking Gallup poll. Do today’s youth actually want to take up collective farming and outlaw private property? Not really. They’re just expressing their dissatisfaction with big corporations, which so often put profits before people. Fewer than half of millennials think

  • A blow for Blue Hill

    When Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital last week announced plans to stop offering surgical services, it was a blow for the surrounding community. Surgery and surgical procedures such as colonoscopies are offerings most people would expect of a full-service hospital. Delivering babies is another, something Blue Hill stopped doing when it closed its obstetrics department

  • Powering the future of Maine

    Dear Editor: Should Maine control its own future? Seth Berry’s proposal for a Maine consumer-owned utility run by Mainers and benefiting Maine, not Spain, has CMP breaking out in a sweat. The mantra they are using is “there is no guarantee that it will work.” We hear this over and over as if it has

  • A free society

    Dear Editor:   I reread an Ellsworth American editorial commentary of June 6, 2019. Although there are some facts I disagree with, one needs to be addressed. It is tariffs imposed on U.S. agri-farmers. This affects crops of corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and rice. Most agri-farmers want to plant, grow and sell their crops in

  • More appropriate for North Korea

    Dear Editor: I would like to believe that Phil Grant’s commentary titled “Why do we like Trump?” was intended as satire, but I couldn’t find the punch line, so I reluctantly conclude that he was serious in his comments. I question The American’s decision to publish such a Soviet-style propaganda piece. Americans deserve to have

  • “Incarceration Proclamation” pending?

    Dear Editor: I have heard rumors (Washington Post, May 16) that President Trump is planning to deliver a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on July Fourth this year. I wonder if, in the place that honors Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Trump plans to issue an “Incarceration Proclamation” regarding immigrants. Doug Kimmel Hancock

  • Beware of misinformation in Gouldsboro

    Dear Editor: Gouldsboro has been in the news most recently for many issues — from the rescheduling of voting and Town Meeting due to the town warrant not being prepared to the resignation of Police Chief Tyler Dunbar and, more recently, the resignation of the Town Manager Sherri Cox. Perhaps the most newsworthy of all