• An absolutely inexcusable article

    Dear Editor: I am indescribably upset and concerned that you published a glorification of Nazi activity in our area. The story “Legacy of ‘The Commander’” is completely inappropriate at any level. What could you possibly have been thinking? Our nation’s proudest moment was pounding the hell out of the “National Socialists.” Thousands of local young

  • “The commander-in-chief”

    Two years in, the Trump presidency has become more toxic and dysfunctional by the day. The decline in American standing and influence in the world has been steep. Foreign governments used to looking to the United States for leadership and support see a volatile, narcissistic president whose grasp of reality is often tenuous at best.

  • “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall”

    The lines above open Robert Frost’s 1914 poem, “Mending Wall.” It was set in New Hampshire, but it could just as well have been Maine. Or Mexico. In Maine, one is judged not by wealth, job or university education but by whether one is a good neighbor. Maine people construct fences only to keep children,

  • Answering the call

    Christmas Day was marred by tragedy in Hancock County when two people lost their lives in a Gouldsboro accident. Just hours later, a Mariaville man’s home was destroyed in a fire. For the families of the accident victims, 57-year-old Lisa Grant of Orrington and 35-year-old John Organes of Sullivan, a day of celebration became one

  • A dagger to the heart

    Dear Editor: In the Dec. 13 issue, The Ellsworth American, in “American energy independence,” argues, in effect, that allowing other parts of the globe to inject more carbon we have sold them into Earth’s atmosphere is merely a “tool for economic advancement.” In the editorial’s eyes, apparently, selling our fossil fuels elsewhere and further increasing

  • The meaning of Mattis’s resignation

    By Kenneth M. Hillas Jr.   Long anticipated, Secretary of Defense Mattis’s resignation (effective Feb. 28) is a timely opportunity to take stock of U.S. standing in the world, and the direction in which President Trump’s foreign and security policy is headed, and how this may affect the international order. The differences that led Secretary

  • Economic turnaround will require hard choices

    Dear Editor: Has our representative democracy moved beyond its best days? I believe so and blame an out-of-control capitalist system and a morally bankrupt two-party political structure that nurtures a complete disconnect between spending and the necessary taxes to support it. The former touts the narrative that “great high-paying jobs will be created” when business

  • End the embezzlement

    Dear Editor: Embezzlement! To take money by fraud! Without our knowledge or permission, our so-called leaders took our Social Security money and never let us know they did it in, in the beginning. Social Security is not tax money, never was, never will be. We worked all our lives to save for retirement and are

  • Libertarians are alive and kicking

    Dear Editor: Reports of the Libertarian Party’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. While the state of Maine disqualified the Libertarian Party as an officially recognized party in late November, that was a temporary status. The party regained recognized status on Dec. 11, after party members filed the necessary paperwork. The state requires 10,000 voting registrants