• A voice for taxpayers

    Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to endorse Paul Paradis in his bid to win a seat as the Hancock County commissioner representing MDI. Paul is a longtime, respected Bar Harbor businessperson (Paradis True Value Hardware), who also served the town of Bar Harbor for many years as a town councilor. Paul is an

  • The working man’s man

    Dear Editor: Gene Lyons is the working man’s man. He is a dedicated husband and father. He has spent his life in Ellsworth. He admits he has a lot to learn about the workings of the City Council and the various departments, but he is a hard worker, a team builder, is able to see

  • Trump lighting the path

    Dear Editor: Donald J. Trump like Winston Churchill in Great Britain in the 1930’s is sending a wake-up call to America. Both unsettled the political establishment and were considered outsiders. Both were right in calling attention to democracies gone soft unwilling to face impending disaster. There is an eerie, troubling relationship to the way Germany

  • Protecting our waters

    Dear Editor: I’m an oyster farmer, a volunteer and forever a supporter of our Maine coastline. I recognize that I don’t know everything about shore birds but I’m ready and willing to learn from experts. Maine Marine Resources has strict policies protecting species when considering an aquaculture lease. Let’s agree that we need to keep

  • Ignorance…or truth?

    Dear Editor: A few weeks back, a couple of readers of this publication took issue with one of my letters that had found its way into publication. One writer accused me of using “many political half-truths.” He also was apparently outraged that I would claim that people who do support Donald Trump are “essentially ignorant.”

  • Gideon’s courage needed

    Dear Editor: As a voter who is not registered as a Democrat or as a Republican, I try to judge issues and candidates on their merits, listening to opinions on all sides. With upcoming elections, I have been considering the race for U.S. Senate and the two front-running candidates, Susan Collins and Sara Gideon. Some

  • Uhlenhake the right choice

    Dear Editor: This is a letter in support of Bev Uhlenhake, who is running for the Maine Senate in District 8, which includes Bucksport, Orland, Castine and several other towns in Hancock County which are part of the district. Bev is a very hard worker and practical problem solver who has served her own community

  • Democrats got your tongue?

    Dear Editor: An open letter to Sen. Angus King Dear Sen. King: Six years ago, after serving your first four-plus years with Susan Collins as one of Maine’s two U.S. senators, you warmly endorsed her successful candidacy for a fourth term. During these six years, Sen. Collins has continued her record: never missed a Senate

  • Return Luchini to Augusta

    Dear Editor: I am supporting Louie Luchini who is running for reelection to State Senate, representing District 7. District 7 comprises a diverse group of constituents, from coastal and island to rural inland communities – each with unique economic challenges. Louie has demonstrated by the bills he has sponsored or been a part of that

  • Why can’t every day be Christmas?

    Dear Editor: What would happen if every day was Christmas? Would it be just another day? So, what happens when every day is Election Day? What are the consequences of early voting? Hey, it’s convenient. They say more people vote. And, by making it easier, blocks of people who had been avoiding the vote can

  • Evaporating political signs

    Dear Editor: Campaign signs on the Schoodic Peninsula have been “evaporating” at a fast rate. By some strange alchemy, all of the disappeared signs have been for one presidential candidate. To the sign removers: do you really think that people won’t vote for that candidate because his signs have suddenly disappeared? Or will voters decide

  • It’s getting ugly out there

    By Roger Bowen For a good number of years I headed the Gouldsboro Democratic Party, the minority party in our town and in many of the towns and villages in the Second Congressional District. The Gouldsboro Dems are a convivial lot, and our members seem to bear no ill will toward the local GOP or