• A turning point for Trenton

    Dear Editor: This spring I am running for the Trenton Board of Selectmen. It would be my great honor to serve our town in this office. As we all know, Trenton and our local communities face significant challenges now, and we will face larger ones in the future. This is not unique to Trenton, or

  • Unrestrained capitalism a dangerous concept

    Dear Editor: Phil Grant does all Democrats a disservice when he broadly paints us with the socialist brush [“Do not dismiss the pivotal role of profits,” May 2]. This, of course, will be the Republican strategy during the 2020 elections — bring AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) into the picture at every juncture. And yes, we

  • A true loss for Ellsworth

    Dear Editor: Heart of Ellsworth would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the entire Sinclair family and Sinclair Builders Inc. The loss of Jacob Sinclair has left a huge hole in our community. “Jake” was extremely generous with his time and resources during our first four years — instrumental in our event planning and

  • Law and order and Gouldsboro

    “A policeman’s life is not a pleasant one.” That was Gilbert and Sullivan’s assertion in “The Pirates of Penzance” (1879). And though the words are from a bygone age, they remain relevant in the modern era. Take Gouldsboro, for example. Gouldsboro voters decide next month whether they want to disband the town Police Department. The

  • Zero tuition

    Higher education has been much in the news these days, and not in a nice way. Millionaires buy college acceptance for their children. College graduates emerge with an impressive degree and bloodcurdling debt. Post-secondary education has yielded some grisly headlines of late. Except in Maine, where you don’t need to bribe anyone to get in

  • The next step in our democracy

    By Roger Bowen For the better part of the last decade a plurality of voters nationally, over 40 percent, have self-identified as non-aligned voters — independents. Maine’s voting public reflects a similar trend, yet only the two major political parties — Republicans and Democrats — are able to nominate candidates for office. LD 211, “An

  • Non-citizen welfare shortchanges Maine seniors

    By Rep. Lawrence Lockman Some days at the Statehouse, I have to shake my head in disbelief at the avalanche of hideous legislation landing on our desks. One of the worst bills so far this session is a proposal from Rep. Drew Gattine to provide welfare benefits to non-citizens. Gattine’s bill would give non-citizens free

  • Mother’s Day at Hills House

    By Barbara Norrie Mothers come in a multitude of varieties. Motherhood means, for the average mom, dealing with a plethora of crises on a daily basis on a good day. If you add to that the disease of addiction, and the extra struggles that go along with that, it ends up being unmanageable for most,

  • Our daily choices matter

    Dear Editor, As a cosponsor of the bill to ban single-use plastic carry-out bags, I appreciate the thorough article in last week’s paper. I’m sure the community members who I joined last weekend in cleaning up Ellsworth roadsides and beautiful Card Brook would attest to the truth of the article’s statement that many plastic bags

  • Some well-deserved recognition

    Dear Editor: Thanks for your article on Gouldsboro! I write to encourage readers to cut it out and mail it to Maine’s Tourism Association. The address is 327 Water St., Hallowell, ME 04347. Its publications and the brochures it exhibits at the state’s tourist information centers consistently ignore not only our town, but the scenic