• An appalling decision

    Dear Editor: I’m appalled by the Ellsworth City Council’s decision to slash $100,000 from the Ellsworth Public Library’s budget. As a year-round Ellsworth resident and taxpayer, the library contributes significantly to my quality of life. When my husband and I chose to buy a home in Ellsworth, the quality of the library was one of

  • A worthwhile investment

    Dear Editor: I’m amazed at the outcry over Sheriff Scott Kane’s request for riot gear. I am confident he thought long and hard on this subject before asking for funding. In this case, to have, and not ever need, is the perfect outcome for money well spent. The requested items seem very reasonable and would

  • A vote for Velma

    Dear Editor: As many know, Velma Jordan is running for Register of Probate for Hancock County. I’ve known Velma for over 20 years. She has been working at the Hancock County Probate Court for the past 15 years. For the past seven years, she has been the deputy register of probate. Velma has the experience

  • A voice in the wilderness

    Dear Editor: Vox clemantis in deserto is translated as a “voice crying in the wilderness.” That’s how I felt when casting the sole “nay” vote at the Castine Town Meeting after the MRC representative presented a glowing account of the future of Fiberight. My reason was simply that we should allow PERC equal time. This

  • A look at the GOP primary field

    Dear Editor: There are some contested races on the July 14 primary ballot. In my opinion, every candidate would be good. But here are some things to consider. U.S. representative: Bennett, Brakey and Crafts. Although all are excellent, there are differences that separate them. Maine Senate districts 7 (Langley and Linnehan) and 8 (Lockman and

  • A golden opportunity for Maine

    Dear Editor: On July 14, Maine residents will have the opportunity to vote for an incredibly important bond issue. Question 1 asks if we are willing to invest $15 million of Maine’s money in a bond, matched by $30 million of other funds, on high-speed infrastructure for unserved or underserved areas. While there are good

  • There is a clear choice in November

    Dear Editor: Their theory since 1980 has been that we could survive on a “trickle down,” as if we the people were cactuses. Instead, it has been a siphon up, as our purchasing power has declined, and that of the already wealthy has soared. Many of us cannot find a few hundred dollars to fix

  • Happy Independence Day

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the

  • Sweet would put people first

    Dear Editor: Maine’s upcoming race for the U.S. Senate has gained a regrettable amount of national attention, and money, which always seems a blow to the quality of a race. I would be much more comfortable if there were some way we could duke the thing out here amongst ourselves. The most troubling result of

  • Welcome to Maine — now grab a mask

    The world is upside down. Once a global leader, the United States has turned in the worst performance on the planet in managing the coronavirus. Countries that have done far better are getting back on track, starting up their economies and beginning to welcome visitors, as long as they are not from the United States.

  • Stick with what works at Probate Court

    Dear Editor: The Hancock County Courthouse in Ellsworth is blessed to have many courteous, hardworking and capable employees. It is not the same elsewhere. One oddity about some positions, though, is that one must be elected. In the corporate world, people who work hard and are good at what they do usually get promoted when

  • No time for nibbling at issues

    Dear Editor: It’s more important than ever to elect progressives to Congress. We all know how it works: laws are made by concession, and we always end up with less than we asked for. This is no time for nibbling around the edges of issues — we must demand big change and put into motion