• A turn for the verse

    Dear Editor: Did you fall yet?   Did you fall yet and break your right wrist? Did you forget to put sanding on the top of your list? Did you land with a thump and bruise your left arm? Or did you break your hip heading down to the farm? Did they call the ambulance

  • Tournament time brings out the best in us all

    Another Maine high school basketball tournament has come and gone. Ten teams brought Gold Balls back to their communities. The caravans of fans headed to Augusta, Bangor and Portland won’t be seen again for the next 11½ months. As far as Maine sporting events go, late February is as big as it gets. Fans travel

  • The cart, the horse and the carbon fee

    Last week, Gov. Janet Mills announced that Maine would join 22 other states as part of the U.S. Climate Alliance to pursue the goals outlined by the Paris Climate Agreement — an international effort that President Trump abandoned. This is a step on the path to 100 percent renewable electricity in Maine by 2050, the

  • Balanced federal budget desperately needed

    By Ken Shea Many thanks to the Makeshift Coffee House Group and the Flexit Café in particular for hosting the forum on the U.S. Constitution at Ellsworth High School on Feb. 10. The session was well run and very informative. I left with a greater appreciation of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers for crafting

  • A job well done

    Dear Editor: When my husband and I settled in the Ellsworth area in 1980, I did the majority of my grocery shopping at what was then Doug’s Shop and Save, located where L.L. Bean is now. When the store moved to the other side of High Street, I followed. And when it became Hannaford, I

  • City failing in road maintenance

    Dear Editor: Ellsworth prides itself as a business-friendly community. Yet the city makes no effort to maintain its roadways during the winter season. Ellsworth’s primary and secondary roads are filled with an ever-growing supply of potholes, but no city crews are out filling them with cold patch material. When motorists come through the crossroads of

  • Clarifying the “HOPE budget”

    Dear Editor: Re: “The HOPE budget” editorial (Feb. 21), I want to clarify a point of fact about Governor Mills’ budget proposal. While one can, perhaps, argue that Mills’ budget proposal is 11 percent higher than the previous biennial budget enacted in July 2017, that reference point ignores the subsequent appropriations that the last Legislature

  • It’s time for change on the Union River

    By Morris Lambdin For the last 100 years, we have allowed the Union River to serve one purpose — profit generation for electrical companies. Early in Ellsworth’s history, the Union River helped to define the city. The river was our workhorse. Countless booms of lumber were floated down the river. In 1869, in Ellsworth alone,

  • Don’t deprive inmates of human contact

    Dear Editor: Please find below part of the testimony I hope to give on March 8 in Augusta. Dear Sen. Deschambault and honorable members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, I write to you in support of LD 767, “An Act To Ensure the Availability of In-person Visitation in County Jails.” I am