• Safe state

    Congratulations to all those who were victorious in this week’s elections. Maine and its communities need nonpartisan leadership to address the challenges ahead. Topping the list are health care, energy options and an improved business climate, among other contenders. Down low on the list, fortunately, are the safety and security of our communities. For the

  • Can the center hold?

    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.” — W.B. Yeats These familiar words were penned at the conclusion of World War I and captured the sense of foreboding and despair that shadowed Europe. As it happens, we are within a few days

  • Scientific data trumps educated guesses

    As reported in the Oct. 25 American, a “study” issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in advance of a major regulatory conference singled out stronger ropes used by Maine lobstermen as a prime suspect in whale entanglement. The study saw the fatal entanglements in the stronger lines as an unintended consequence of regulations

  • A wonderful show at The Grand

    Dear Editor: I would like to commend Jasmine Ireland, director of education at The Grand, for her terrific adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are.” Her Tiny Troupe Performers, simply bursting at the seams with pride and enthusiasm throughout this wonderful Halloween performance, were a credit to her. Allowing the kids to simply

  • Turkey shoots a huge success

    Dear Editor: The Waltham-Eastbrook Youth Association has completed its sixth season of running its turkey shoots, and it was a huge success. This is the only fundraiser for the association, and it enables us to give several thousand dollars every year to the youth of these two towns. Many people and businesses help us make

  • Trashing Trump the wrong strategy for Dems

    Dear Editor: I seem to find myself in the minority in today’s national Democratic Party. I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump over his obnoxious personality and his divisive comments. As very conservative “Morning Joe” Scarborough has said

  • The way politics should be

    Dear Editor: Monday night I attended the forum with candidates Nicole Grohoski, Mark Remick, Richard Malaby and Louie Luchini. How refreshing it was to see civil discourse between the candidates from both parties. There were none of Washington’s constant vitriolic attacks. Kudos also go to Stephen Fay, who acted as moderator. Well done. Anne Keefe

  • Overcoming your blind spots

    Dear Editor: This week I discovered that I have a blind spot. My father-in-law, Ray, with whom I disagreed politically and did not share his faith, offered sound advice to try and understand what you might be missing. If you found your own blind spots, you could avoid trouble, understand and relate better to others

  • Do your best to navigate through mud season

    Dear Editor: The editorial “Mud season has arrived” in your Oct. 25 issue starts well but then is rapidly sucked down into the classic fallacy called Tu Quoque, which roughly translates from Latin as “You’re another.” It appears to suggest that there is a procedural and cognitive equivalence between conservatives’ negative advertising and that of