• Welcome to the RDP

    To the Editor: Phil Grant is back in The American (July 5, “A president who knows economics”) with more inanity, this time about how Donald Trump “knows economics” and is responsible for a “surge” from “the doldrums” in the nation’s economy, more specifically our gross domestic product. But, in truth, we’re talking RDP here, not

  • What climate change writer didn’t tell you

    Dear Editor: Mr. [Tom] Rolfes [“Time to chill out on the issue of climate change: it’s old news“, July 5] is entitled to disagree with my views on Maine energy policy. He is not entitled to distortions or selective claims about those he cites in rebuttal. Referencing Thomas Wysmuller is like using rhetoric attributed to

  • Social insecurity

    On Aug. 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed The Social Security Act. This was legislation designed to provide unemployment insurance during the Great Depression, old age insurance for American citizens and immediate, means-tested welfare assistance for desperate families. By January 1937, taxes were being collected and the first lump sum payments went to qualified

  • Trade war

    The Trump Administration has launched a no-kidding trade war with China — and no one who knows Donald Trump well is surprised. If this President has one core belief, it is that the U.S. has been the victim of unfair trade practices by other countries aided and abetted by bad trade agreements signed by previous

  • Collins should work with Dems

    Dear Editor: I urge Sen. Collins to join with Democrats and block any Supreme Court Justice nomination until the Russian investigation is complete. President Trump has refused to use his power to address Russian interference in our elections. He can nominate a Supreme Court justice who is likely to decide on issues relating to the

  • Counting on Sen. Collins to do the right thing

    Dear Editor: This letter is addressed to Sen. Susan Collins. Dear Sen. Collins: I listened with cautious optimism to you last Sunday when you said wouldn’t vote to confirm an activist judge to the Supreme Court. But, Sen. Collins, I was hoping that you would take a firmer stance on this issue. This feels more

  • A nation without leadership

    Dear Editor: I have always considered myself a moderate Republican, and the Republican Party was for those who got up and got things done (while Democrats looked to the public purse and lists of “needs” for taxpayers to fill). On my rear bumper, a Collins sticker — slightly askew, up to the right … “upright”

  • Maybe it’s a good thing?

    Dear Editor: Maybe it’s a good thing that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy is resigning. I say that even though it will allow President Trump to place another conservative on the Supreme Court. This choice will undoubtedly make the court undeniably conservative. And maybe it’s a good thing that almost all of the efforts to make