• Hanson for City Council

    Dear Editor: I am writing to express my pleasure in having a candidate like Casey Hanson to vote for on the City Council ballot this November. I’ve known Casey in the Ellsworth community for many years, and always come away from time spent with her feeling optimistic. She has the ability to wear many hats

  • Let’s talk about the CMP Corridor

    By Rep. Nicole Grohoski You’ve probably noticed that the volume is turned way up on Ballot Question 1 as we hurtle toward Election Day on Nov. 2. Many constituents have approached me with questions like “I don’t like the CMP Corridor, but what about the climate?” or “Will other businesses be affected?” or “What does

  • Vote to protect your food freedom

    By Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham People of Maine, I am writing to urge each of you to vote “yes” in support of Question 3 this Nov. 2. Question 3, or the “Right to Food,” as it’s called, is a constitutional amendment to protect the individual’s right to grow and produce your own food for you

  • CMP needs fixing

    Dear Editor: It’s hard to turn on the TV and not see an ad from CMP misstating the facts of its corridor project. Question 1 does not give more power to politicians; it gives the people of Maine the power to stop this assault on their lands. CMP is trying to take your choice away

  • A winning combination

    Dear Editor: I am writing today to express my support for John Linnehan as a member of the Ellsworth City Council. Over these past weeks we have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. John Linnehan’s honest, pragmatic and hopeful insight into our

  • A well-deserved honor

    Dear Editor: I was gratified to learn that the Royal Swedish Academy of Science has awarded the Nobel Prize in economics to David Card of the University of California, Berkeley, for pioneering research that, among other things, debunks corporate rationale for keeping wages unrealistically low. Card’s work shows that increasing the minimum wage does not

  • A wake-up call for Maine

    Dear Editor: This November, we have the ability to make a very important statement as citizens of Maine who eat, grow, produce, catch or distribute food. I’m pretty sure that is all of us. Voting “yes” on ballot question 3 gives the people back our voice and our power when it comes to building a

  • A vote for the future of Ellsworth

    Dear Editor: We are writing to express our support for Edward Mathias Kamin in the Ellsworth City Council race. We have had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Mathias about our concerns and found that he was willing to listen to our thoughts and suggestions regarding the future of Ellsworth. We think that

  • A pollution disaster in the making

    Dear Editor: I am strongly, even vehemently, opposed to the Hughes Bros. Inc. cement plant proposed for installation in Ellsworth on the Bucksport Road. Cement manufacturing is widely known as the third leading industrial source of pollution. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the “health and environmental effects of cement plant emissions are

  • The right to food

    Among the items Mainers will be asked to vote on this Nov. 2 is Question 3, which seeks to amend the state constitution’s Declaration of Rights to include a right to food. While the constitution has been amended more than 170 times for largely mechanical reasons such as updating language and for other so-called housekeeping

  • Plugging in and tuning out

    Did you know that if you vote yes on Question 1 the government will be able to time travel back to 1971 and demand your mother NOT give you that unfortunate bowl cut before fourth-grade picture day? Or that if you vote no, all the leaves in the forest will drop to the ground —

  • Iran unconstrained

    On the list of foreign policy headaches facing the Biden administration, Iran’s nuclear program ranks near the top. The Obama administration negotiated at least an interim solution to the problem, but the Trump White House blew it up. President Biden was and is committed to restoring the previous agreement (the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action