• A leader with boundless energy

    Dear Editor: It is my pleasure to publicly endorse Nicole Grohoski in her June 14 special election for Senate District 7. Her support and leadership for sustainable environmental practices have been demonstrated by her work on the Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology while serving in the Maine House of Representatives. She has

  • The real threat to America

    Dear Editor: This letter is in response to the “Trump’s Legacy” letter in the May 12 edition of The Ellsworth American. The writer refers to the often-misquoted Charlottesville “fine people” speech. It seems that she wasn’t aware of the entire quote from then President Trump, some of which is as follows. “You had some very

  • The unborn deserve life

    Dear Editor: Given choices, our bodies perform the miracle of life. Parents of today’s youth have an uphill battle modeling good judgment, faced with the abortion alterative vs. choosing the life of the unborn. Thousands of underage girls faced with unplanned pregnancy fall prey to the propaganda of the abortion industry. The aftereffects cause psychological

  • Set up for success

    Dear Editor: I’m writing to encourage my friends and neighbors to vote for Nicole Grohoski in the June 14 special election for the Maine Senate. I’ve seen firsthand that she is a hardworking and thoughtful person, whose concern for the health of the community and the planet benefits us all. Her successful wrangling of legislation

  • Everyone should get the chance to vote

    With the recent passage of LD 231, sponsored by state Sen. Chloe Maxmin (D-Lincoln) and co-sponsored by Rep. Nicole Grohoski (D-Ellsworth), unenrolled voters (more commonly referred to as independents) starting in 2024 will be allowed to vote in primary elections without having to enroll in a party first. Unenrolled voters can only choose one party

  • Cost is part of the digital divide

    The last two years have shown us that home access to high-speed internet is no luxury. When the pandemic hit, children needed to get online for school, their parents needed to connect for remote work and their grandparents could have used telemedicine to avoid being exposed to COVID in a doctor’s office. Almost everyone needed

  • Doomed from the start

    Dear Editor: Thank you for the “Digging the hole deeper” editorial on May 12. You are articulating what I have been thinking for several years, ever since the Fiberight proposal first surfaced. You see, after leaving Maine in 1977, I spent the next 15 years working in the field of municipal solid waste management as

  • Ukraine’s Asian echoes

    Last week, President Biden met with the leaders of nine Southeast Asian nations — the first such gathering since 2016 and the first ever at the White House. The event was greatly overshadowed by the ongoing war in Ukraine, but it took on added significance precisely because of the events in Europe. East Asia/Southeast Asia

  • Party platforms tread worn paths

    Maine’s two major political parties have held their conventions, and there were no surprises. The platforms approved by the conventions reflect the current ideological contrasts between the parties. Neither one gave Maine voters much cause to reconsider their allegiance to one party or the other. Republicans met first, in late April. They brought a proposed

  • A tireless workhorse

    Dear Editor: This letter is in support of Nicole Grohoski for the upcoming special election for Maine State Senate. I have known Nicole and her parents for a long time. Ellsworth is Nicole’s hometown, and she is very dedicated to the city and the region. Nicole is a professional geographic information systems specialist and cartographer,

  • Backing Brian Langley

    Dear Editor: I’m very excited to be voting for Brian Langley in the June Senate special election. The election is being held on June 14 and I encourage all Hancock County residents to support Brian. He’s done a wonderful job as our senator in past years. In contrast, his opponent, Nicole Grohoski, has a long

  • A vote you won’t regret

    Dear Editor: I’m writing to express my support and admiration for Nicole Grohoski, who is running to replace Louie Luchini as state senator for District 7. She’ll be on the ballot for the special election to be held June 14. Nicole has represented Ellsworth and Trenton in the Maine House for two terms and has