• More political cleanup advice

    Dear Editor: You recently had a letter to the editor from Mr. David Paul Henry [“Get on it,” Sept. 15] concerning today’s political workings. I have to agree with most of his ideas for cleaning up the political mess in our country. I disagree with his interpretation of the Second Amendment, as I believe the

  • Accountability needed

    Dear Editor: An open letter to Sens. Collins and King: I am asking you, as my senators but also as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to learn all the details about and then share what is possible about the documents found at Mar-a-Lago without harming national security. Here are my questions: (1) What classified

  • A closer look at consumer-owned power

    Letter to the Editor: Central Maine Power (CMP) and Versant are not working for the state of Maine. Low reliability, high prices and millions each month in political spending all point to the need for real change now. For folks hesitant about the referendum to replace them with a privately operated, nonprofit, customer-owned utility, it

  • Get on it

    Dear Editor: Here is a list of actions I think should be taken as soon as possible, maybe by mid-afternoon today: Remove all taxpayer support for political party activities. Among other things, that will mean not registering voters by party affiliation, not having parties choose their nominees through taxpayer-funded primaries and not allowing party nomination to

  • Jail concerns

    Dear Editor: As a person currently incarcerated at the Hancock County Jail, it is very concerning to me the way the requests and grievances are handled by the staff. I have had money missing from my inmate account on two separate occasions in the past two weeks. Everything has been fine for the past three

  • Lobstermen seeing red

    Maine lobster is a prestige brand. The crustacean’s cachet has landed it on dinner plates from Topeka to Taiwan. In addition to a cultivated aura of exclusivity, it’s a food with a great backstory. Think third-generation, Grundens-clad fishermen embarking at dawn from picturesque harbors to haul the day’s catch. Each boat its own small business.

  • A door to opportunity

    Dear Editor: I’ve been lobster fishing full-time out of Corea Harbor since I graduated from Sumner High School in 1996. With the uncertainty around the future of lobstering, I felt the need to diversify my business. So, four years ago, I decided to go and get my captain’s license, enabling me to take paying customers

  • Fair enough

    To the Editor: I would like to add my voice to those expressing appreciation to the many people who organize and volunteer for the annual Blue Hill Fair. This year’s iteration was no exception as it continued a long-standing tradition of excellence with the addition of the exhibit honoring E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web” and the

  • Thank you, Jared

    Letter to the editor: I am writing as an educator who works at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill. We have a small boarding program which is just now growing again post-COVID. This year we have enrolled three refugees, one from Afghanistan and two from the Ukraine. As an admissions goal, we started working on

  • Commentary: Common sense wisdom in our state senators

    By Betsy and Bill Beardsley For decades Hancock County has elected state senators who have represented the entire county from our dozen or so upriver unorganized townships to our dozen or so offshore islands and all in between, subject to periodic redistricting. Historically, we haven’t cared if our senator is Democrat, Republican or independent because,

  • Touch and go

    Dear Editor: Got my yard sale signs painted, collection of blue bottles priced and free stuff piled up at the end of the driveway. I’m all set to play “touch and go,” Maine’s most anticipated yard sale antiquing spectator sport. Pickers aren’t what they were back a few summers ago. More and more it seems