Outdoors columnist’s work needs a new home

Maybe The Ellsworth American can find a real outdoors writer and give V. Paul Reynolds a slot on the op-ed page where he belongs. Time after time, he inserts his political views into his “outdoors” column, as if everyone who enjoys the natural world must share his same limited conservative perspective. I noticed this when he wrote a column on ethanol-enhanced gasoline and simplistically painted it as a nefarious move by Democrats and liberal tree-huggers, completely ignoring the power of the Republican politicians from the Corn Belt who have done the most to push this wasteful and unnecessary alternative fuel program.

His March 17 column on the death of Justice Scalia was even worse. Claiming that President Obama is a “doctrinaire proponent of national gun confiscation” (without a shred of evidence to substantiate the charge), he goes on to extol Scalia’s record and his bizarre “originalist” interpretation of the Constitution. Reynolds dons a Republican sandwich board as he goes on to encourage the Senate to shirk its political responsibility and refuse to consider any Obama-nominated replacement on the high court.

Yes, I’m sure you’ll find provision spelled out in Scalia’s unliving Constitution, along with the right of Americans to buy militarized weapons for self-defense, a clear statement declaring that money equals speech and that “the here and now is less important than the hereafter.” Sure, we’ll “miss” Scalia’s caustic acerbic “wit,” but not his originalist Constitution — let’s hope it was buried with him.

Christopher Loekle

Deer Isle


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