O’Neill will welcome all voices as state senator

Dear Editor:

A healthy democracy is one in which citizens participate fully in the political process. Exercising one’s right to vote is vital. Equally as important is being a part of the conversation about complex issues that affect the people of Maine. Many perspectives are needed to help create common sense solutions to the challenges we face in our communities and state. Yet we all know in the bustle of daily living keeping abreast of all of these issues and making our voices heard can be challenging.

Moira O’Neill, candidate for the Maine State Senate, has not only a strong commitment to engage people in conversation about issues that matter but a track record as well. I worked with Moira as a colleague at Husson University in the School of Nursing. She developed a hands-on community-building approach to teach public policy to nursing students. Through service-based learning, Moira worked with students to become involved in the political process addressing issues that affect the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities beyond the hospital bedside. Her students worked with legislators, hospital administrators, even grass-roots organizations to problem solve while broadening viewpoints. Similarly, when Moira decided to run for State Senate representing Hancock County she rolled up her sleeves and went door-to-door to engage voters in conversations. She is hearing the ideas and concerns of the people in her district and will be ready to celebrate or problem-solve in the Senate.

I urge the people of Hancock County to vote for Moira O’Neill. She will be a senator who encourages and welcomes the voice of the people to create opportunities and tackle the challenges that face our state.

Mary Tedesco-Schneck


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