O’Neill is capable, caring and well informed

Dear Editor:

In Moira O’Neill we have a capable, caring and well-informed candidate for State Senate in Hancock County, District 7. I would like to express my unqualified support for her candidacy as our next senator.

Ours is a unique area of the state that includes picturesque islands and coastal shoreline as well as inland forests, blueberry barons and wetlands. It is home to some of the most wealthy Maine residents and also to many, over 14 percent of us, who live below the poverty level based on a 2014 American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Another very human challenge in our district, hunger, euphemistically referred to as “food insecurity,” stands at 15.7 percent in Hancock County. It means that families must make trade-offs between basic needs such as housing, or paying medical bills, or buying adequate food. It should not, and does not, have to be this way.

With good leadership we can work together to change things for the better. If elected as our state senator, Moira O’Neill is the very best person to provide that good leadership in Augusta and make a positive difference here at home. While she is the Democratic candidate, her commitment is to improve the lives of everyone — my kind of candidate. Much of her career has focused on public health, safety and ensuring quality, efficient services for children and their families. She has been a nurse for 25 years and has a doctorate in nursing from Yale University.

More recently, she taught health policy and leadership to undergraduate and graduate nursing students at Husson University. She also serves as vice president of the Surry Community Improvement Association and is a member of the town of Surry Finance Committee. She volunteers regularly with the National Park Service.

Some of her priorities for the Maine Senate are: Health care for all Mainers, supporting small and medium businesses growth, building a workforce to match evolving needs and addressing opiate addiction with effective prevention and treatment.

It is time for a new generation of state leaders. Moira O’Neill is capable and ready to serve our county and our state as our senator for District 7. From Stonington to Aurora, from Brooksville to Bar Harbor, please join me and vote for Moira O’Neill on Nov. 8.

Joe Lendvai


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