Nothing to brag about

Dear Editor:

As a resident of Dedham, I was interested to see that Veronica Magnan wants to be my state representative. Magnan served for two years as a state representative, and in 2009 she had some expensive ideas. She sponsored a bill that would have raised my (well, actually our) heating oil by 10 cents a gallon and my electric — oops, our — electric bills by 23 percent.

LD 1811 was supposed to help create green energy jobs and Magnan actually wrote in her testimony to the committee that she thought this legislation would bring her “bragging rights.” I am not sure how she can brag about a 55-page bill that created $160 million in new spending that would come from our oil and electricity costs going up. But she also wanted to add another $250 million in spending for Efficiency Maine — funded by more increases to our electric bill and then, incredibly, another $142 million of spending on “green energy” in 2017, also funded by increases to our electric bills.

Thank goodness Magnan wasn’t successful in getting this passed in 2009. I (we) can’t afford a state representative who spends money like that and wants “bragging rights” for doing it. And thank goodness she has an opponent. I’ll be voting for Karl Ward on Nov. 4. Actually, let’s make that a “we” as well.

Joseph McErlain


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