Norris Island from a different lens

Dear Editor:

I was surprised to read the last line of the article about Norris Island when Philippa Harvey was asking Acadia to bend the rules for her. That is exactly what Acadia field rangers have been doing for at least the past 40 years or more. The rules have bent for Philippa for parking of cars, tying boats to trees and a host of other petty offenses.

The park has been a good neighbor to Norris Island over the past decades. A ranger actually created a place for Philippa to park a car in the early 1980s. Other rangers have responded to medical emergencies for family members and guests on several occasions.

If the Acadia administration had not bent the rules in the past, the superintendent would not be dealing with this issue today. We should all be so lucky to have our own designated parking place at Frazers; be happy!

Bill Weidner


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