New state budget adds more money for cities and towns

By Sen. Kimberley Rosen

The new state supplemental budget that the Legislature passed in July provided a big boost in revenue to cities and towns. At the same time, it increased state aid to local schools and pushed up the amount covered under the Homestead Exemption for property taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the federal government, as part of the American Rescue Plan Act, sent COVID relief funds to local governments to help them weather the impact of the pandemic. When added to the numerous grants and other federal funding programs, these additional funds will hopefully help with property taxes in your area.

In addition to the large amounts shown in the table below for cities and towns in our district, there is more on the way. Congress has given preliminary approval to an agreement to spend another $1 trillion on infrastructure projects including transportation and broadband internet expansion. Look at the table to see how much more money your community will receive in state and federal funding.


Republican Sen. Kimberley Rosen of Bucksport represents District 8 in the Maine State Senate.

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