Mud season mishap

Dear Editor:

At the end of March, I thought I would get ahead of the yard-project shopping rush. I went online and maxed out my big-box store credit card on the materials I would need. I paid extra for delivery to my home, so I would not waste presently expensive gas making several trips in my vehicle (or strain my back before beginning the actual job). The delivery driver called from nearby and said that the street to get to my road was “posted” both directions, so he could not deliver. There was no way for me to transfer all those materials from his truck to my car to ferry them the last mile to my place. I felt foolish for not considering mud season when I excitedly clicked on “delivery.”

The following week, I got a call from the big-box store to arrange the next delivery with a waiver to drive over the “posted” street. I waited all day, but no materials arrived. Online commerce might be convenient when things work properly, but when things go awry, it can be an utter headache to resolve without being face to face. Even trying to contact entities by phone can funnel you into an endless loop of recordings without offering an option of speaking with a human being, saying, “For our automated customer service, please press 1…”

At the local customer service desk (a 45-minute drive away), Lucas was patient and thorough in determining the problem with my online order. Apparently, someone in the Georgia call center was not familiar with mud season “posted” roads, and they assumed I refused delivery so deleted my order. He genuinely apologized for the inconvenience and reassured me that he would manage my order personally. Recently, our in-person transactions have been restricted, but I resoundingly applaud this traditional dedication to helping customers (that the online experience left cold). My shipment finally arrived, and it’s time to get down to some yard business now that mud season is over. Cheers to conducting business in person!

Jaime Berry

Stockton Springs

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