Malaby’s the man

Dear Editor:

For two terms, Rich Malaby has represented Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Sorrento, Sullivan, Waltham and Winter Harbor, plus the unorganized territory of Fletchers Landing Township in the Maine House of Representatives. With legislative redistricting, Lamoine will be in a different district and the newly configured district will include Steuben, Mariaville and Osborn.

I came to know Rich well when we both coached the Hancock teams in the local Farm League when our sons, now approaching the age of 30, were little kids. As many coaches realize, youth sports is a great forum for learning about children and families.

Rich and I had many discussions about the struggles faced by families, and the roles of state and local government that serve us all, over the several years that we served in our town government, he on the Hancock School Committee and me on the Board of Selectmen. Rich has a master’s degree in business administration from one of the nation’s top graduate business schools and has owned and operated one the area’s premier restaurant and inns for over 30 years. He has been a trustee of Maine Coast Memorial Hospital and served a term as chairman of that board.

His experience in these capacities, as well as in his legislative service, has given him a very good understanding of finance and budgets and how to best allocate limited resources, something that has been sorely lacking in our state government over the years, as evidenced by repeated overspending and shortfalls while local officials struggle to manage their own budgets responsibly.

Rich has served two terms as our representative and has been a member of the Health and Human Services Committee in the Legislature. Some make the generalization that Republicans don’t care about our most vulnerable citizens. Well, Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine, a nonprofit organization providing statewide support, services and education to adoptive and foster families this year, for the second year in a row, recognized Rich as its Legislator of the Year for his effective advocacy on behalf of these families who step up and take care of kids when the children’s own families, and sometimes their government, can’t or won’t. That’s why the voting-age members of my family are voting to re-elect Rich Malaby on Nov. 4.

Gary C. Hunt