Maine needs energy solutions

Dear Editor:

The coronavirus pandemic greatly impacted Maine and it will take some time to return to normal and rebuild our economy.

For a long time, my family has been paying so much money on electric bills and it has been difficult to keep up with these expenses during the pandemic. Seeing projects like the transmission corridor under construction makes me hopeful that we can build infrastructure that provides cleaner and cheaper energy.

I desperately want to see Maine return to a place of economic prosperity, but opponents of the corridor have put Question 1 on the ballot this November. If passed, we could lose out on millions of dollars in energy savings and thousands of good-paying jobs that could help people get back on their feet.

Since we are still in the middle of an economic recovery, it is important that the projects being invested in our state are not taken away. I hope that Mainers use commonsense and recognize the benefits that this project can bring to us now and in the future.


Iann Leigh


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