Longing for winter

Dear Editor:

There are eight dangerous ways you can turn at the intersection of routes 1A and 179, all without any traffic control present. You go east and west on Route 1A and can turn onto Shore Road or down 179 in two directions each. Other vehicles can exit Shore Road or North Street in two directions each. If exiting 179, just about the time you turn on to Route 1A a truck or large van will pull up along the right lane, blocking your view of traffic on 1A.

I understand the reasoning for this is to keep traffic coming and going to Bar Harbor moving and move it does (way too fast). But someone is going to die to speed up traffic flow.

Once you get out of North Street of Shore Road in the morning you face a large parking lot going to or coming from Bar Harbor. Traffic is bumper-to-bumper out of sight.

Someone has placed a sign saying we need a light here, and there is no doubt of it. I long for snow and icy roads, so the traffic will be back to “normal.”

The state and city are not concerned about our safety. Call your councilors and let them know how you feel about this insane situation. The City Hall phone number is 667-2563.

Don Loncto

Fletchers Landing

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