Line in the sand

Dear Editor:

Now that the President has called out 75 million or more nonviolent patriots like myself, I am compelled to draw a line in the sand. Using Independence Hall with two U.S. Marines in dress blues and eerie lighting as a backdrop to trash us must have the Founders rolling over in their graves. I can’t imagine what Jefferson, Franklin and Adams would be thinking as they watch their creation of the greatest democratic republic crumble away.

For me, I am just saddened to hear our President, obviously senile and angry as well as being oblivious to any sense of tradition, protocol or decorum aimed directly at us, who he denigrated. As for veterans, workers, retirees, all part of our diminishing middle class who “cling to our guns and religion” and have not a racist bone in our bodies, we love America as founded, even with its imperfections and failures. We despise socialism, Marxism, progressivism and all the other leftist isms. Most of us are proud to be included in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” mislabeled as homophobes, Islamophobes, etc. ad nauseam.

There are three country songs that succinctly describe how we feel. First, the Gatlin Brothers’ “Stand up and say so,” then John Rich’s “Progress” and high school student Colt Jaxon’s “1A.”

Even though I have written for more than 30 years about failure after failure of liberal policy and programs, I would defend the right to pursue their goals unless crossing the constitutional line. A perfect example locally exists in the lobster fishery, where the right whale is being used as a surrogate to destroy the livelihoods of thousands in the name of the faulty Endangered Species Act. Not one entanglement since 2004 has been proven time after time. But “the convenient target” (my description) will be put out of business, about which I have been writing since 1997. What we have been witnessing since 1913 or 1963 or 2008, only occasionally interrupted, is liberal “authoritarianism.” Conservatives need to stand up and say so!

Dudley Gray

Rangeley Plantation

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