You can help

Dear Editor:

Have you ever wanted to help people in need but thought you could never do what we do? How about wondering what you could offer to help our firefighters and rescue personnel without going into burning buildings or getting into the thick of things yourself? You don’t have to be a turnout gear and airpack wearing firefighter to help others. In fact, less than half of our members are the quintessential “firefighter” that the public sees on scenes.

Sure we are always looking for those willing to do that, but we need others to support us in our efforts. We need people to help direct traffic, run the equipment on our trucks, monitor our personnel at fire scenes. We need people willing to bring food and water to our folks who have been working hard for hours. We even need people to go to the station to monitor our radio traffic or help clean up and put things back together after a long dirty call. Once in a while we could simply use a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. These jobs are open to people of all ages, fitness levels, gender, music you listen to and on and on. They may not seem very glorious but are necessary and equally important.

Contact your local fire department to help.

Bob Conary

Orland Fire Chief

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