Writer’s observations off the mark

Dear Editor:

In response to the column by Jan Dolcater in the Sept. 12 edition [“American mindset is changing for the worse”]:

The author seems to think that it’s the millennials who are destroying America and its values. I stand incredulous. Mr. Dolcater can hardly blame the 20- to 37-year-olds for the current rampant corporate greed, destructive environmental policies, racism, misogyny, fear-mongering and the trashing of the middle class in this country.

I remind him that you can be a patriot without waving a flag and agreeing with everything your currently dysfunctional government does. I remind him that you can be a moral, decent person without believing in any religion at all.

And as to the 16 percent drop in the importance of having children by millennials, is it possible that the planet doesn’t need more people? Especially when the 55-and-over set has had great success in denying climate change and destroying the planet.

You encourage people to “get involved.” Yes, get involved in the voting booth. Our lives actually depend on it.

Jean Hylan


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