Worth the wait each week

Dear Editor:

My favorite parts of The Ellsworth American are the editorials and the letters to the editor. The Jan. 3 issue was a great example.

The editorial titled “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” was well written and stated just what I’ve been thinking. We all know that “something” is frost, which happens to be the poet’s name. I enjoy Robert Frost’s poetry because it is easy to understand, and James Russell Wiggins, whose poem appears on the same page as the editorial, is also so very accessible.

I turned the page over and found another poem, “Winter Flats,” in the letters. As a former clam digger and worm digger, I could relate.

The “thanks for writing” piece by Stephen Fay summed up what I love about the way you publish letters. If someone writes an extremist rant you print it, and I wait excitedly for a week to read the inevitable responses that you also print. I found many people I know in the long list of folks that wrote to you in 2018.

Andy Peake


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