Willful incompetence endangers citizens

Dear Editor:

Wednesday, March 11, 2020, is memorable for three reasons:

(1) The World Health Organization proclaimed the coronavirus had become a pandemic and raised alarm over the level of inaction. (The United States still lacks testing capability.)

(2) The U.S. stock market officially entered “bear market” territory — having lost 20 percent of its value — ending the longest bull market in history (11 years).

(3) New international analysis from satellite data and ice surveys shows polar ice caps are melting six times faster due to warming oceans than in the 1990s, exposing 400 million people to coastal flooding in the near future (The Guardian).

What is the common element? Denial and incompetence led by President Trump. He continues to give false information about all three items listed above. His decisions to defund and dismantle health and climate change programs and recklessly cut taxes over the last three years has led to the loss of capacity to handle these increasing threats.

Thankfully, primary voters are paying attention and choosing a calm, competent, caring individual to lead us in 2021. Joe Biden’s vast experience in working with national and international leaders to restore global normalcy and progress will be so welcome. I wish the election were today.

Pam Person


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