Why can’t every day be Christmas?

Dear Editor:

What would happen if every day was Christmas? Would it be just another day?

So, what happens when every day is Election Day? What are the consequences of early voting? Hey, it’s convenient. They say more people vote. And, by making it easier, blocks of people who had been avoiding the vote can now come forward and participate.

At the vice-presidential debate Kamala Harris used early voting as an excuse for the president NOT to do his sworn duty. Her reasoning for not nominating someone for the Supreme Court was because over 4 million ballots had already been cast. If that’s the reason, then should the president and vice-president, and for that matter, all incumbents, stop doing their jobs as soon as the first ballot is cast? Afterall, according to Kamala, anything new might go against the wishes of those who had already voted.

Or, to look at it another way, how can people vote for a candidate when they totally change their platform after the vote was cast? If you look at the Biden-Harris website, you will clearly see that they are in support of the Green New Deal, shutting down fracking 100 percent and raising taxes.

Now, after 4 million cast ballots have been sent in, Biden stood in front of the American people and said there will be no Green New Deal, Harris promised they WILL NOT stop fracking and they both claim that by abolishing the Trump tax cuts, which gave me a larger take home check, will not actually be raising taxes. Well, if that’s true, how do you pay for a $4 trillion dollar health package?

Elections should not be taken lightly. It shouldn’t be treated like running to the convenience store for a quart of milk. It is special.

We should set aside one day, a holiday from work, and vote. If you are traveling, ill, disabled, or in today’s situation, afraid of COVID, get an absentee ballot that you attest is yours alone, and vote. Or, get to a polling place and cast the ballot for your favorite candidate. But don’t make the free election of the most powerful person on this planet just another day.


John Fuhrman

Winter Harbor

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