What a mess

Dear Editor:

What a flippin’ mess.

It seems that the United States of America can no longer conduct an Election Day. We are still going through the motions and as I write this, no one has been certified as the winner. How is that possible when, other than in 2000, when we had a specific problem with ballots from Florida, the decision hasn’t been called? The answer is simple: we made it too easy to vote. The only easier way, which would screw things up even more, would be to make every day Election Day.

We just celebrated another holiday, Veterans Day. That’s a day I remember, as it reminds me of my time in uniform. I took an oath, the same oath as those elected. The difference is I was ready to defend all America and the rights given by the Constitution. And, as a veteran, I learned and understand that those rights come with responsibilities.

Now, up until the 2008 election, we did a pretty good job of voting and choosing our elected officials and we did it all in one day. We had a day where people, real Americans, took it upon themselves to make time and cast the ballot voting for who and what they believed. Now, the politically correct world of participation trophy-carrying people said we can’t do it all in one day. And this year, we had to deal with a pandemic, which makes it even harder. They decided that the best thing for America was to simply let people vote whenever and evidently however they felt like it. And if you disagreed, you were a racist, suppressing votes. 

The reality is, if you felt unsafe due to the virus, you could and should get an absentee ballot, have it certified and mail it in. But, you have to get it in by Election Day. Not one, two or three days or whenever later. All voting is in on one day. Now, the rest of America, grow up. Since 1845, Election Day has been on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. That means, for those of you who think you don’t have enough time to plan, in the year 2040, Election Day will be Nov. 6. Mark your calendars and plan on voting. Because doing it any other way results in a no decision, which doesn’t do any American any good.

By allowing voting for months prior to Election Day, you prevent people from changing their minds when, or should I say if, the media reports a crime or scandal. By allowing ballots to be freely mailed out like Publishers Clearing House junk mail, you get mishandled, mis-mailed and perhaps even 10,000 Nevada ballots sent to people who no longer live in Nevada.

If you want to protect the right to vote, exercise the responsibility that goes with it. That means start planning for the next election in two years and four years. Have proof of who you say you are. I still don’t understand why if I need ID to cash a check, I don’t need one to vote for president.

This situation we find ourselves in is like any other where you drag things out trying to make it convenient for everyone and their brother. This is not a convenience; this is an election. It’s time Americans got back to being responsible and respecting those who served to ensure the right to vote remained.

John Fuhrman

Winter Harbor

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