We need gutsy leaders

Dear Editor:

We came to live in Maine 65 years ago, full time, and I remember writing to my parents in Chicago about how nice the summertime temperatures were here! While Chicago was getting summers around 80 and 90 degrees, we in Bar Harbor were having highs of 70 or 75 at the most. I do remember an outdoor party in Bar Harbor around 50 years ago when it hit 90 degrees, and a friend fainted. And about 20 years after that, I remember another 90-degree day with friends, when we wives had to seek shelter in an office. I don’t remember if the office had air conditioners or not, but it was cooler anyway. We thought it was an awful, scorching day!

Now today, Aug. 13, 35 years later, the heat is on its way above 90 again, and this is only one of a couple of dozen days like this this summer, and in the winter there is no longer ice on the bays. I think this is frightening, especially since our government doesn’t seem to have any intention of writing any legislation to get rid of fossil fuels and switching to wind and solar power generation, which we are going to have to do pretty soon anyway. My question is: would the Democrats or the Republicans be more likely to tackle this problem more quickly? My guess is that a Democrat leader in the White House is somewhat more likely to be courageous enough to get this done, but we may have to do a lot of pushing — even with a Democrat.

We need some tough, intelligent people with a lot of guts!

Nancy Kandutsch


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