The voters have spoken on ranked choice

Dear Editor:

Ranked choice voting is a change in the election process that was approved by the people of Maine by referendum. The new process requires election winners to receive more than half of all the votes, not just more than everyone else. The citizens of Maine have spoken. We approved the change. The legislators represent us, the voters. It’s their job to change the state constitution in order to enact this into law. They should have done this in this current session. No excuses.

The legislators don’t like ranked choice voting. They are using this constitutional amendment issue to avoid enactment of the law. The reason they don’t like it is because it weakens the two-party system, which is what most of these people are part of. The new process gives more opportunity to less financed and less well known candidates who are not necessarily connected to the two-party system. It also is great for the voter. You get to have it both ways. You get to vote for your ideal first choice candidate and at the same time cast a vote for the more popular candidate who is not as bad as the rest.

Thomas H Crowe

Blue Hill

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