Use social media responsibly

Dear Editor:

Social media platforms were created to share and interact with others in an online community. It has its benefits where today people are doing social media as their full-time jobs. However, it has been taking a toll on a lot of users’ mental health. Sharing posts that others see might trigger anxieties and insecurities about themselves. People will start to compare themselves with others and feel bad about themselves if they do not look the same or are in the same place as the people they follow and look up to.

Even though social media only portrays small snippets of people’s lives, followers start to doubt themselves and can lead to mental health struggles. Social media also allows people to hide behind screens, whether that is bullying someone online or hindering their ability to physically and socially interact. Bullies feel like they can say whatever they want in order to make themselves feel better even if it is at the expense of someone else’s feelings and self-esteem. Or people spend so much time online, when it comes to actually having to have an interaction with someone in person, they become anxiety-filled. People are losing sleep because they are up late scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Students are having a harder time focusing in school because of their cell phone buzzing with app notifications.

Given all of these examples, it is a smart idea to cut back on social media as much as you can because if you are not using it for its rightful purpose, then it could be damaging to your mental health.

Megan E. McElreath


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