Unstable Trump a threat to country’s future

Dear Editor:

I am feeling overwhelmed by all the outrageous and deplorable actions our federal government is taking under our new President’s bullying “ leadership.” I have been writing to our state senators about a wide range of issues and every time I listen to the news or read the paper there is yet another disturbing headline that demands response and resistance. Just now I read about the hurried efforts of the Army Corps of Engineers out in North Dakota to push through the easement that allows for the completion of the Dakota Access pipeline. They originally had granted a month (Jan. 18 to Feb. 20) for public comment and environmental impact assessment, but President Trump instructed the Army Corps of Engineers to expedite the process — so it did. Yet another instance, in a very long history of such instances, of the federal government breaking its word with our Native American citizens and putting profit before people.

I am angry and appalled and embarrassed by this new administration and in my 40 years as a voter have never felt this level of anxiety about the future of this beautiful country as I do now. Mr. Trump exhibits deep psychological issues. In my opinion, he is a classic narcissist and egomaniac and does not possess the necessary self-control, judgment and wisdom that are vital to being an effective and ethical president and world leader.

Sara Hessler