Trump’s attack on the Clean Water Rule must be stopped

Dear Editor:

Clean water is critical to Maine’s identity and economy, supporting our outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing and marine economies. The recent toxic algal bloom off the coast of MDI that led to a recall of thousands of pounds of Maine mussels shows the potential negative impact water pollution can have on our economy.

Algal blooms like this can occur when nutrients from sources such as lawns and farmlands flow downriver to the ocean and build up at a rate that over-feeds the algae existing normally in the environment. We should be doing all we can to protect our waterways from pollution to keep incidents like this at a minimum. But the Trump administration has launched an attack on critical safeguards that protect our waterways by attempting to repeal the nation’s 2015 Clean Water Rule.

This safeguard strengthens protections under the Clean Water Act, making sure smaller streams and wetlands receive protection. Repealing this rule opens these streams up to unchecked pollution, which can then flow into our rivers, lakes and oceans — and lead to more incidents such as toxic algal blooms. Rolling back clean water protections is not good for Maine’s economy. We need Maine’s congressional delegation to stand up against the repeal of the Clean Water Rule and protect clean water for all.

David Sanderson


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