Trump’s “accomplishments”

Dear Editor:

At a recent rally, Trump referred to his “accomplishments” since taking office. What are they? To name a few:
a) The wrecking of the Iran treaty which had guaranteed to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions for at least 15 years;
b) Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, thereby hastening the destruction of our planet and denying all scientific proof of climate warming;
c) Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific trade partnership agreement, to be replaced with high tariffs against Chinese, Canadian and European trading partners, tariffs now already threatening America’s farmers and manufacturers with reduced exports, lost revenue or, worse, bankruptcy;
d) Here comes one of the most well-thought-out “accomplishments”: a great boost to Puerto Rico’s hurricane cleanup by supplying helpful quantities of paper towels, thrown flippantly to the few dozen suffering recipients in a small room;
e) A massive tax cut which benefited the very wealthy and offered a sprinkling of crumbs to the everyday worker. This “accomplishment” served to reduce the national treasury by millions and billions of dollars;
f) Disruption of the friendly alliances through NATO, the best tried-and-true relationships which have resulted in a peaceful world since the end of World War II, a remarkable record which Trump seems not to understand or appreciate;
g) Failed secret meetings with the world’s most dangerous dictators: Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia, Trump declaring both leaders as kind and smart, while defying all norms of foreign policy protocol and throwing America’s national security in jeopardy. These foreign trips abroad “accomplish” one result: Trump becomes putty in the hands of powerful dictators and serves as a puppet for their long-range aim: destruction of Western Democratic ideal and values.

These so-called “accomplishments” suggest only way to Make America Great Again: convincing Trump to submit his resignation and “get outta Dodge.”

Shirley Chase
Winter Harbor

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