True or false?

Dear Editor:

In Roger Greene’s letter [Jan. 21], he informs us that ex-President Trump is “the face of a ‘renaissance Republican Party, made up of blue-collar workers, Blacks, Hispanics and Latino Americans’ … who have woken up to the reality that they have been ill-served by the Democratic Party.” All of this fancy hogwash makes me wonder on which planet Mr. Greene is living. Actually, the people who make up the Republican Party are Tea Party people, the so-called evangelists, the ultra-conservatives and far too many white supremacists, all of whom have done their utmost best to destroy what used to be a respectable political party before Trump came along to help them destroy it.

Mr. Greene also ventures to remind us that Trump’s supporters believe wholeheartedly that the November election had “flaws” and that, therefore, “impeachment would not be appropriate.” Of course he believes that. Hadn’t Trump been telling his base for months that the election would be “rigged”? Greene further states that Trump should not be blamed for attacks on Congress.

Perhaps Mr. Greene can be excused for these false statements if he didn’t happen to tune in to a TV station that actually aired Trump’s invitation to come to the Capitol, promising to be there with them (though he reneged on that promise) and that the action would be “wild.” Obviously Mr. Greene is not the only Trump adorer who does not make use of a television channel that broadcast, in Trump’s own voice, his part in the insurrection as well as the horrifying spectacle as the mob burst into the sacred halls of Congress, waving Trump flags and brandishing a variety of weapons, most of which were wielded most brutally.

If all the supporters of Trump watch only stations that refuse to air the truth, America is going to have a tough time getting through to the brainwashed.

Shirley Chase

Winter Harbor

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