Transparency vs. saving our children

Dear Editor:

I am writing as a parent and as an individual Ellsworth city councilor, not a member of the “gang.” Instead of focusing on transparency, I am going to focus on the REAL issue — saving our children. All kids need to be back in school five days a week as soon as the teachers who want to be are vaccinated. We are at a very dangerous tipping point.

There have been multiple public health experts stating that our kids are suffering socially, emotionally and educationally. They have also stated that the 3 feet vs. 6 feet rule and deep cleaning procedures are outdated and unnecessary. If there is 90 percent compliance with mask wearing, teacher vaccinations, proper ventilation and testing, then kids should be back in school immediately.

Even Dr. [Nirav] Shah states that kids are safer in school. So why are Governor Mills, the DOE and the Maine CDC not listening to all the public health experts? Why are our local legislators not willing to advocate for our children? Have they succumbed to the constant fearmongering media? Are they hoping for more money? Why is the media not crying foul when it comes to our children? Why are bars and tasting rooms open before our schools?

I can tell you as a city councilor, if all kids who want to be are not back in school five days a week by April 26, that I will vote against the city’s portion of the school budget. As a parent and resident of Ellsworth, I will vote no on the school budget referendum. Let me be crystal clear, there is not one ounce of this directed at our School Board, administrators, teachers and staff. I applaud them for successfully keeping our kids and the staff safe while jumping through all the ridiculous hoops put forth by the government. Since every week is Save the Children Week. C’mon Ellsworth, let’s try to work together to get our kids back to school.

Heather Grindle


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