Time to shut down the circus

Dear Editor:

I thought we were done with the 2021 presidential election, but apparently not. Of course, none of the current mythological absurdities occurred to overturn the 2016 presidential election, which Hilary [Clinton] lost in the Electoral College vote but not the popular vote. But now, despite many voting recounts (Georgia had three, others had two) with no changes in the results in some states with Republican governors and/or Republican secretaries of state and losing over 32 Trump-sponsored lawsuits, dismissed not only by some Republican judges but some appointed by Trump, including losing two suits brought to the conservative-dominated U.S. Supreme Court (with three Trump-appointed associate justices), attempts to overturn the election continue. Yes, despite all of that plus, tweets and rants constantly proclaiming election fraud — but no proof — there are continuing attempts to overturn the 2020 election any way and by any means.

We must label the politicians involved in this circus as fascists and prosecute them for treasonous acts to destroy the United States of America constitutional government (that they took an oath to support) as traitors.

The angst, instability and emotional crippling imposed by the Trump administration and national Republican Party leadership, while thousands die from the virus due to their negligence and profound incompetence, is stunning. And to add to this mess, we are told that privately many Republican politicians think Trump is unfit for office but will not publicly oppose him — they are afraid of him.

That makes them not only traitors but cowards. 

Trump’s negative words, authoritarian actions, praise for white supremacists and the Republican Party’s failure to rein him in continue to hurt our democracy, crush our liberties, eliminate hopes and dreams and create an environment favorable for a dictatorship that will benefit the few and suppress the many. Dictators are only good for killing people — over 200 million deaths under Stalin, Franco, Peron, Papa Doc, Hitler, Mussolini and others.

The Trump administration and its allies, today and tomorrow, will try to keep us divided, disillusioned, fearful and bring out our worst traits and beliefs.

The hard truth is that to support — despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary — actions opposing the 2021 election is an attack on our democracy and makes you a complicit participant in our potential national suicide and destruction.

We can watch it happen. We can cry as it happens. We can also act by contacting Maine’s Republican Party. Enough!

Michael Shapiro


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