Time to clear the air

Dear Editor:

Vaccinations and masks have gotten the most attention for combatting COVID. But since COVID is spread through the air, other tools such as ventilation and filtration are also needed. These greatly reduce the amount of virus you inhale if an infected person is present in the same room (as well removing as other harmful pollutants, such as those from burning fossil fuels, smoke, etc.).

Improving ventilation for your home can be expensive for many homes. But certainly schools, offices and health-care facilities can improve ventilation with the right HVAC systems. Local governments should make sure they have.

Filtration has some simpler options. There are some good portable air filtration systems you can buy to remove most of the aerosols in a room (as well as expensive snake oil products that do little good and may in fact be harmful). But there is also a safe, effective and inexpensive (under $100) alternative that anyone can build in about an hour: Corsi-Rosenthal Box filters. Named after two indoor air quality experts who designed these simple devices, they are very effective at cleaning indoor air. If you want to learn how to build them, visit cleanaircrew.org or contact me.

Ventilation and air filters can play a big role in making where you live, work or go to school healthier. And help us all get back to the way we lived before COVID.

John Fehlauer

Mount Desert and San Antonio, Texas

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